Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The last few days have been busy...I fell asleep in my chair both nights, sleep has been sorely lacking as of late. Last night I was involved in a very interesting four and a half hour meeting with the pastors (and evangelist) of the Church where the clinic is located. It had been some time since we had all sat down, and although not everything was exactly tickles and grins (if they were...there would be no need for meetings, right?)...in the end God gave me a sense of peace about the meeting, and I think it was not only interesting, but good, and hopefully productive for the future in our relationship.

Plenty has been done, is being done, and will be done on the new clinic. We have set an open date...March 25th. The old clinic will be closed on the 23rd and 24th, we will have a ceremony, with the leaders of the Church invited, and at 4:00PM on the 24th, officially declare it ready. Before then...much still needs to be done. To the point where I wonder how it can all happen, but based on the last two days and how much the group has helped accomplish, I think it will happen.

They mostly helped paint. More paint? Surely you mean the outside. No, I do not mean the outside, but rather an oil based paint for a kickboard (whatever you want to call the area nearest the floor...where normally you see a black or other dark colored rubber protector for when you mop, etc.) around every wall...plus paint white the door frames for installing the already painted from the factory (but may require another coat) doors to each room. Also the doors are being installed (Miguel is helping there...from the clothing store, he is a carpenter) and Juan (if you know Leandra, you know Juan) is helping do the divisions/individual stalls for the bathrooms.

Some of the group has also been shadowing/helping in the clinic these two days. Many of them are in some sort of study for future medicinal work, and quite amazingly the vast majority have very interesting backgrounds....several grew up in other countries, speak different languages, parental lineages, religions, etc. I am enjoying getting to know them more, and of course trying to pick up some Jamacan accent and slang...as well as work on my French (one girl is from France, the other from Haiti.)

In addition, I have been running errands, buying paint, getting the latest documents done and turned in for the next clothing container, and as I said...attending meetings and trying to coordinate more of the mission's future plans. Sounds like more than enough to me. I was able to take time tonight getting home early enough to read a Bible store with the kids and pray as a family before they went to bed...something we do not do nearly often enough.

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