Friday, March 6, 2009

This week was busy. Very busy. Like a group, yet not. CHE is Community Health Evangelism, and His Eyes along with FAME sponsored. 29 people "graduated" from TOT I training. (Training Of Trainers) with TOT II tentatively schedule for August, and TOT III not sure when at this point.

(seen at right...the road to development, where we identified the biggest problems facing our answers given: trash, delinquency, and vices/alcoholism)

The 29 represented myself, a gringa visiting, a gringa that lives here, the Sampedrana Church (2), the San Juancito Church (3), Cantaranas Church (3), another Church in Teguc (1), a Church near Talanga (1) and 17 from the Church in Tegucigalpa. Not counted there are a CMF/FAME rep in Judy Fish along with three brothers associated with LifeWind who did the teaching, two from Copan and one from El Salvador.

The idea is a holistic approach to evangelism...not just spiritual, not just physical, but an integration of both, along with developing such a program to help communities see the needs around them themselves, and help them through teaching and support as they address those problems themselves while also multiplying such a project through other areas seeing the development being made.

Obviously there was a lot to learn with five full days of teaching, and with "homework" to do for the trainers before the TOT II takes place...a lot to learn, a lot to do, and more to come in the future.

Brother Juan Ramon leading a lesson with representatives from six different Churches around him, and just as many professions.

We pray (and ask your prayers as well) God will bless this new area of ministry by those being trained taking it to their communities, spreading that vision, and taking off from there, and ask for your prayers along with that.

One interesting story from the week of many....we were given a little handout to show people for evangelism (another tool given us) I took the time to talk to one of Valerie's patients, while most other people were sent out two by two around the community. It was interesting to find out that they had Christ in their hearts after walking through the pages with them, and then asked if how long they had been Christians....they were not, they were Catholic, but then they said something that struck me, how they came to the clinic because they were loved, for the great videos we played, that no one judged them, or because they were Catholic spoke against them, or said bad things about the virgen, or Mary, or anything similar that they see in many other places. First of all, I was very glad to hear that....second, although I am sometimes very disapointed with the Catholic Church...its doctrine, policies, decisions, we should always love those associated with it the same as we love anyone else, and pray that God would continue to show them, and us, His will, and desire for our lives, in what we do and say. It was good to talk to least as much for me as it was for them.

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