Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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So here we are catching up on some odds and ends over the past four or five days. Let us start and end on a spiritual note, how about that?

We happened upon a wedding while waiting for the ever delicious Pizza House Maiz and Vegetarian pizzas Saturday night as we were trying to cross the street. It was hard to get a shot into the Cathedral what with all the body guards hovering around the front entrance, but eventually I had an opportunity. Although you can see the couple here, the thing that surprised me more (although we lived within a few blocks of it, this was my first view inside) was seeing Mary so much larger, and being above in more ways than one my Savior. It should not have surprised me after I thought about it, but it still drove me to prayer right then and there for those that have such a mixed up perception that has lead to such idol worship.

After we crossed the road, into the new open mall that is still in the process of developing and opening new stores, we walked down an aisle of very ritzing looking shops, all filled with very expensive, fancy looking...shiny junk. I mean, most of it I would not have even wanted if it was given to me. Regardless, there was a little park-esque affair at the end with this carrosel. I asked those lounging around "does it work?" "Yes, but only for children." As if we would have actually gotten on! (Bummer!) Perhaps something to keep in mind for the kiddos though some day in the future.

Some friends that are visiting had a very good idea (they have several, this being one of them more oriented those more diminutive members of our family) of after seeing Soren so intrigued with mailboxes in the US of bringing one here, and inviting family and friends to send regular mail to them in the US for the kids to get to pull out each morning from their mailbox and read...as well as us to be able to send mail to each other. To say that they have taken to the idea is an understatement...getting mail, sending themselves and each other, and us, and friends mail....soap, and other toiletries and sundries, is now the thing to do.

We had some more graffiti painted on the man cave last week, and this week a break in to where the Church sells food for the patients at the clinic and where our watch man used to stay. Although there is the monetary, physical, and emotional damage done to us...we chose to first focus on prayer for those involved, that Christ would come into their hearts and drive them to repentance in Him. Especially we are mindful of how we might take part in this, as no doubt the thieves are very near by us...and we are somewhat sure we see those that do this to us every day when they come to play soccer and hang out on the property. Until the Church can fix their gate however, the situation continues. One of the boys riding a bike recently spray painted the exact same color of gold you see here is not the brightest thing I have seen either.

I do try not to be a hypocrite. I encourage others to study God's word, and sometimes I admit I struggle to make the time to do so myself. I took my Ipod with me when I was shopping over a week ago before the FAME group got here. I found myself in traffic (no great shock there....although my running habits paid off again by using a short cut that saved me 5-10 minutes here) and instead of just doing the typical guy thing of staring into space, listening to music and not thinking about anything, I whipped out the Ipod and got to reading the Bible. I am behind on my reading plan...but the times I do make are so encouraging, it is like running or working out, it encourages me to do so all the more.

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Laurie said...

You are braver than I am! I try not to do anything in Teguz traffic except focus, breathe, and drive.