Thursday, April 16, 2009


There is so much going on in the expansive ministry of His Eyes that I do not even hear of on a daily basis. We have reports that everyone is supposed to fill out every month, but even those do not catch everything, and I mean all this in a good way.

I caught wind....Saturday will bring baptisms in San Juancito, and Sunday is Celeo's last day there. Saturday and Sunday the Church in Sampedrana will also be celebrating...their second anniversary. I already have comitments this weekend, so I will only be seeing just brief glimpses of both those celebrations.

Valerie told me last night of the clinic staff fasting this morning...almost as an after thought as it had to do with getting Marlen (she broke her foot on Saturday...until Valerie took her crutches, she was crawling or rolling around her house.) "Fasting?" I said. "What reason?" "Oh, for donations of medicines, for any personality conflicts amongst us, and for the relationship between the Church and the cilnic." This is not some directive, something the mission has made a priority....each of these three things are singular examples of people taking what God has called them to seriously, and pursuing them with passion.

I suppose sometimes I do things like that...but generally you won't find me writing about them here, in the rare occurance whey they might happen. I will share though an example of obeying rules and insisting past what we are just told. I needed to increase the amount of money I could move in our banking over the internet. I was already at the limit that the bank has as a flat rule. Had I taken what the counter people told me...that was it, no more, sorry, take care. But, in love, I pressed. Sometimes you have to know when to give, and when to press. I know that is the rule, but get me someone in charge. Then followed...talking, saying no, more talking, them explaining the rule, my acknowledgement and then explaining why that was not working for me as their customer (while I still was their customer)....I get to a semi-head cheese, explain the situation to her, and the possilbe consequences if they can not help me...and three hours later, I got what I needed....not something free or anything required of them other than changing some numbers on the computer, but it was like pulling teeth. I am sure things like that happen in the US as well, but it seems here you have these "opportunities" more often, and sometimes you have to push just to, it will not be done. Figuring out when and where and how...takes some time.

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Laurie said...

So sorry to hear about Marlen. I must go and visit one day. She sent me a note explaining why she missed Spanish class on Saturday. I hope CHE is resurrected. Let's pray. Laurie