Friday, April 17, 2009

Let us get right down to story telling with pictures, shall we?

First up, is Tuesday and the air show. It was Pan-American Day (may have something to do with the summit going on in Mexico? I am not sure about that one...but it is a Pan-American summit, so who knows.) I was working, the kids were playing, and we started to hear the planes, and sure enough, across the way from the airport they were doing the show. We did not know that everyone was invited, but by that time it was too late, so we just enjoyed the show of the seven prop planes do there thing in a blue angels/thunderbirds style, just right over our heads. It did occur to me that our vehicle insurance probably did not cover a falling airplane crash, and then I remembered we have no renter's insurance for where we are living. But like the planes, the moment passed.

Soren slept from 4:00 yesterday until this morning. This picture probably helps explain why, but not how. He was running at school (all cement there doncha know) and fell...we are not sure if he used his hands to help stop himself or not...but his face took a big hit. I am so glad I was not there to see it. Seeing the aftermath is bad enough....seeing him actually do it in front of me...makes me quiver just thinking about it. He was fine and ready to go today to school....and got some attractive white paste applied by the school nurse.

Next we have Carlos' project for the last week or so, installing and painting the border around the outside of the doors in the clinic. I believe we are going to be able to skip installing on the insides, since most of them are better finished and set up a little differently. We have kept him working even though Oscar is gone for support for Valerie in case anything were to go wrong, to keep things going, and to keep him working as well, since he would have had to have looked for work elsewhere by now otherwise.

Amongst the other projects he has been doing were six that were must-dos (great thing he was there eh?) Starting with the picture seen here, we had problems with kids climbing on the AC protectors to get to the second floor to generally cause mischief. So, we bought some serpentine wire, and that was the far, no more kids climbing. The other projects were getting Camilo's X-ray machine installed on the wall in his room (harder than it sounds...oh wait, no, it probably sounds tough already), running another water line to the patient bathroom for better pressure, installing another light switch in Valerie's room, checking our septic tank status (not good, we have to clean it out, and start digging another for the future, what fun!) installing and then uninstalling some of the night lighting outside. Uninstalling two that were to low to the ground hanging off the building...until we can get something welded for them to be higher off the ground (remember those kids?)

So, some people wondered what Dora would be doing when groups were not here. She has gotten her family in the act helping on the grounds care (brother living with her not doing helping watch baby there so she can breast feed) sweeping, cleaning weeds and such, as well as cleaning and doing upkeep on the mission house and man cave. In addition, Valerie gave her some work sorting glasses for an upcoming eye brigade, and I gave her work boxing up shoes we got in the last shipment that for some reason came in bags instead of boxes. She has been working hard, no doubt there.

Dilcia was cooking flour tortillas for lunch for the kids today. Many people might not see the advantage of a flat top stove like that...but Dilcia finds they work great for cooking tortillas right on top. Cecilia was helping her roll them out a little. Notice how the cooking area is almost perfect sized for tortillas? Perhaps some engineer had this in mind after all. Regardless, much better to have flour tortillas cooking that corn, at least for me. Nothing quite like homemade flour tortillas.

After lunch, the kids hit the books. Since I was working upstairs, she helps them get through their home work before playing enjoying the pool, etc. Keeping them both on task is a big job. Dilcia pretty much does not stop moving from the time she gets here until the time she leaves. What a blessing to have her here to free both of us parents up to more of the ministry work we have to do. Plus, I am still here when groups are not here, so I still get to see them, talk to them....occasionally discipline them, etc. even while I am working.

Cecilia needed an erase board (so it was deemed) to better practice her letters, and pronunciation homework. Dilcia helped her change the standard fare in her book to personalize it for our family. She was so proud of how she did, she brought it up for me to see. I only now at the end of writing this realize I probably should translate that stuff for some of you.
"Cecilia loves Felipe
Valeria loves Soren
Valeria and Felipe work
Cecilia and Soren love mom"

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