Thursday, April 9, 2009

Como es Monday cuando es Thursday?

Update for those that follow on facebook....Oscar has not located his stuff yet, probably lost forever. I am not sure he has been able to cancel his credit cards yet either. Update for those not on facebook....Oscar's fanny pack was stolen earlier this week...they got his money, passport, license, and everything else he carries in that packed mini-suitcase. Very disappointing and discouraging as you can imagine (he can not drive!) and the added insult is that he can not replace anything until next week with everything closed for Holy Week there.

Here...things seem to keep jumping. Traffic seems to be down today, but otherwise, there are still quite a few people around Teguc, more than I remember from years past...although to be sure, much less than normal. Many businesses were closed yesterday, and even more today. A good day to relax with friends, catch up on computer work...maybe I could even get talked into a nap. What I can not do is run....still have a major crick in my back. Thankfully it does not hurt constantly, just when I want to move my back in a downward or twisting normal walking is not too bad either. What did I do? I have no clue, but it is a bummer to miss out on the best running days of the year, that is for sure. Given all that...I am very thankful for our health, and really, it is a minor 'complain' in the grand scheme of things. Ah, let us all take some time to thank God for where He has us, since we in Christ now it is always for a greater purpose/reason. I feel better, how about you?

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Steve Sweeney said...

Um... I enjoy complaining about my old man ailments, so could you quit being all thankful & stuff! I can't type anymore. my fingers hurt.