Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hip deep in holy

So here we are, just getting Holy Week started, but it seems so long already, in a good way of course.

Sunday we played at Union Christian, then had a good afternoon, I went for a late run...and although we typically think of Holy Week as everyone getting out of Dodge, but Sunday is definitely still people everywhere...probably preparing to get out of Dodge.

Monday Mark and I (did I mention Mark and Susan arrived on Saturday to spend a week with us?) went up to distribute clothing to the stores, check on the new clinic progress (Carlos is working there this week until Wednesday...no buses on Thursday and Friday...and the next few weeks while Oscar is gone to get the door trim put up, X-ray machine mounted, cover the AC units with serpentine wire to prevent the kids from climbing on them to get to the second floor of the clinic and cause general mayhem, install another light switch for Valerie's exam room (and if time allows, even put up the TVs and hang some pictures, bulletin boards, etc. Considering all the steps involved, and that he is only one man...I think the three or more weeks Oscar will be gone he will have plenty to do. We went to get the door trim, and made a trip to the hardware store to make sure he was sufficiently stocked to get him through the next week or two with materials. He had already installed in the last few days of work several of the security lights for around the clinic, and was working yesterday on the bathrooms, installing protective metal trim to our interesting design "wood" doors.

Yesterday afternoon, Mark worked on the security cameras to be installed while I did more paperwork, balancing books, emails, etc. Valerie went with Silvia to visit Doña Albertina, an older lady from the Church who is not doing very well, while Susan visited with Lourdes at her house. Dora was working in the morning at the clinic....and has homework, as we are putting together a more exact recipe list (with exact quantities for ingredients, more recipes, etc.)

Today...more paperwork, more cleaning, some relaxing (Valerie and I both with a crick in our respective backs), meeting our pilot friend who is flying today, and hopefully nothing else noteworthy....although we are contemplating visiting a local sushi restaurant. That might actually be worthy of a note, we will just have to wait and see.

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Laurie said...

Good title. I am hip deep in holy in Costa Rica for a bit of R and R. My B and B is at an elevation allowing for a bit of chill in the air. Ahhh.