Wednesday, April 1, 2009

stopped up

I knew I had laid off the blog, had not realized it had been since Friday. I had some things to consider after that post, and otherwise was relatively wiped, busy, and tired over the weekend. The group left Saturday, that afternoon I went for parts for the car with Cecilia...which was entertaining, educational, and....scary. I needed to check a part from the car to see if the hardware store had them. Normally I think of myself as being safe, but sometimes laid back. As Cecilia stood outside, in my eye line as I checked the weird bulb...I could feel my tension level rise. She was fine, doing a good job, and having several people to talk to...even drafting one to temporarily help her (the pizza hut girl, and a security guard.) With two very recent kidnappings of kids....taken from their school buses no less (private school of course) it just hit me as these people saw her, talked to her (very innocently) that she could be a tempting target. I said nothing to Valerie....and yet the topic came up yesterday, and we had to talk to the kids about it. Cecilia was inquisitive....Soren basically said every time we mentioned something that he would....allow me to paraphrase "just, strong, and then...pow, whack, get up, mad...and other grunts and fancy karate moves."

This week brought running errands (which never seem to go according to plan...yet without a plan...well, then you are really asking for trouble) and while that might seem easy, to do them right, or sometimes just do them, they can take a very long time here , sending emails, trying to catch up on reports (not yet...on my list though) and some running. Oscar is not back yet tonight....he went today to drop the LC for Sampedrana to Gender. In true April fools fashion, he told Gender to expect a big Dyna flatbed pickup truck. I look forward to getting my camera back I sent with him to see pictures. I went up to the clinic this afternoon to facilitate giving a bunch of boxes to another ministry here (long story), and look for Valerie some desks and other things they need for the clinic (came up with a goose egg), as well as identify some computer supplies for some work to get things even more wired in the clinic.

Speaking of the is weird to be in there when there are patients there! They are doing a great job with what is operational, but not fully done of course. There have been struggles to get and keep the water system working, and still no pictures on the walls, no TV/DVD, and other little things, but those will come with time. With Oscar and his family gone for at least three weeks to Panama/CR, the physical work will mostly come to a halt until he gets back, but when he does, we should keep moving quickly to get as much done as possible, and sneak preview for you blog readers...I think I have an idea when we will be starting the second floor (just one room at this point) and it should be in just a few months, which is exciting.

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