Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cruising in Sampedrana

I got a call from Gender today. He was almost giddy from the excitement of the Land Cruiser, from its power, ability to get up the mountain, how it did not feel like it was going to throw him out the window (more stable.) He realized it was a big investment. I told him...we wanted something that will last the Church for 20 years! We comision it into His service, and hope that it will serve the body there for a very long time. Thanks go out again to the two Churches that made this a possibility.

I talked to Oscar today, worked out the plans for the coming weeks with him being gone. Even though I will be doing other stuff, I am going to invest the necessary time to keep Carlos working all three weeks. Plenty to do, and he can be trusted to work those weeks without immediate supervision. He will work all Holy Week, despite the clinic being closed, and then the following weeks...hanging the X-ray machine for Camilo, putting the door trim up, finishing the anchoring of the bathroom divisions, hanging the TVs and pictures for Valerie, being there for all the little things that are still coming up at the new clinic (espeically with Oscar gone) and probably helping us with electricity for the security cameras we will be installing next week. I am sure he will be excited despite working a week where most people are only thinking of "vacation" means money, money means food, and a consequence of this whole world financial situation is that those that have little, lose even more. Less jobs, less money, and malnutrition and hunger is more widespread.

Oscar leaves tomorrow. I sent him off with prayer. He will be taking his Land Cruiser (fixing the last piece today.) I also sent him with a list of wood based items to have his brother in law make for us. It is cheap, and I realized he does very good work after what he brought back in August last year. Pray for their travel, and for their time there....that it would be relaxing and edifying, and at the same time strengthen them as a family in the face of what could be pressure or temptation to return there from their families.

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