Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coffee project

Here is my attempt at a basic logo for the coffee. I am going to post a poll on here for you to vote for which one you might like more...keeping in mind the idea is what would be most appealing in terms of selling and promoting the coffee of course.

Also feel free to add comments, suggestions, etc. I am trying to keep it simple for the printing process of the stickers (not many colors or complex graphics) at least for this initial run as we continue to feel this out.
This is design #1....horizontal His Beans
This is design #2 Different height His Beans
This is #3 His Brew logo
This is design #4, the Hill Climber Logo

1 comment:

kcolby said...

Those look really cool. Nice work. As you know, aesthetics are not my forte' so I'll trust the poll folks. I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch.