Friday, May 8, 2009

Back ho!

I rarely post videos. However, trying to show how he moved three containers was really only easily done by...posting a video. The two containers up by the clinic were moved to their new locations for when we empty them to take their new place as storage for the medical and optometry supplies. Moving all that stuff, and the shelving units....that will be a big project, probably not happening until June or July when we have a big enough group to tackle it.

However, the move was done now because we already had the backhoe up there digging the new septic tank for the clinic. The old one is filling and not draining...that is a problem. Having the backhoe do this one meant it was ready in a day, not two weeks or more, and much deeper than we otherwise could have hoped to get dug with regular workers. He dug the trench to run the new line to connect the two, and then cleaned out all the property next to the clinic (oh, I can only imagine how long that would have taken us using manual labor!) while at the same time taking all the extra dirt and piling it up in the corner for the future cistern, and behind the clinic for growing flowers, etc. He moved the green container down below that was in the way of the new Church construction as well, although the four down there are not in rank and file like we would like...but it is not a perfect science moving containers that way.

Speaking of containers, we were contemplating how to start building the second floor if we could not do it all at once. How would we work that out, not knowing space needs in the future? How would we leave a walkway? How could we do it safely, securely, and cheap? I am not sure we are sure....but it looks like we could do it one at a time using...shipping containers. The initial room I was thinking about for the milk project and possibly sewing ministry was 15' x 30'. Two shipping containers with a wall removed would be 16' x 40. There would be some other costs (adding windows, insulation for heat, possibly needing a roof above it, modifying the doors for some of our more gentile staff to be able to open and close them, etc.) but they would fit with a small walkway, and it would take twelve to fill the whole top side. Worth consideration at least.

Much more to write about today and yesterday. I promise to get to it later tonight or tomorrow....somehow.

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