Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am still needing help on the coffee logo, so if you have not voted yet....scroll down to see the designs and do so now. If we end in a three way tie...I am back where I started in some ways!


Laurie said...

Please, please, please, please, do not use "His Brew." It sounds like a bad name for a beer. I like beer, and I drink it occasionally. But I won't be able to pitch your brand in New Orleans if you call it that. They will laugh too much to listen to me. Hillclimber, por favor!!!!!

Laurie said...

BTW, my sister owns a small, snooty, tea shop in Louisiana. I don't think she would stock "His Brew." It sounds kinda redneck.

Cindy in California said...

I would add, don't use anything that uses "His Beans". Where I grew up (in the upper midwest) beans were used kinda like "balls" is used in describing male anatomy. Like Laurie's comments, it would make it hard to pitch.

Hill Climber (to me at least) makes no subtle Christian reference, which I think your brand should include. If not that, then it should include a subtle reference to the people it is helping.

Back to the drawing board? If you like using "His" how about "His Java"?

suz said...

I like His JAVA. There are some valid points above.

Anonymous said...

How is the coffee going to be sold? grounds or beans. I like hill climber personally because it was fun riding in the back of the monster trucks last July.
I don't think the name matters as much as the cause and most people will figure that out. Praise God for all you and Valerie do.