Monday, May 11, 2009

But of course

So our mechanic friend was in Venezuela. I heard from him today (trying to get a time for him to look over the Musso) and asked how his trip was. It went fine...I remarked at how the reasons for such flights was pure propoganda (in the English sense of the word...the Spanish sense is not strong with the indignation I had) and I think he agreed (my hearing is still not great after the ear infection.) I will get to talk to him more about that political side of the trip on Wednesday when he comes for the Musso.

But when he told me what the surgery was that he needed...I about laughed and sighed at the same time. He was transported to Venezuela, fed, cared for, etc. not of course for propoganda about how great ALBA and Hugo Chavez is, oh no....but rather for the urgently needed, life saivng....pterygium surgery (please note heavy sarcastic eye roll included here.)

Now, if your are not familiar with this annoying eye problem....let me just say, needing that surgery (his was not bad enough to even need surgery in my opinion) is not worth flying anyone out of the country, in almost any circumstance. Thousands of dollars for a surgery that even in a private clinic here costs only hundreds (I have heard it referred to as minor surgery), not to mention that free or reduced price clinics do this often, as does the public hospital (when it gets bad enough) and that such a surgery is not a one time deal....pterygiums grow back. If it is not bad, artificial tears take care of most of the symptoms.

I suppose I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It would be foolish to ignore that there is a battle being waged politically, and at least one side is fighting hard in more ways than one.

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