Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have often joked that at my funeral, it will be important to remember the first three letters in the word. However most funerals here are anything but fun. With staying up all night to comfort the family, the heat, and the typical women sobbing, wailing, and attempting to throw themselves (sometimes) into the grave with their beloved can be rather sad. Sad not always for the person that died, but in knowing how much value we sometimes put on this side of heaven.

Our presence (Oscar and myself) was requested by Gender to be at a funeral in Comayagua. This was, I believe, the first funeral for the Church plant in Sampedrana. This older gentleman had Christ come into his heart through the work of the Church, his wife as well. Seeing him being buried and realizing his original path before that Church was a little more than I could process.

His wife....was amazing. Calm, cool, collected, she knew exactly where her husband was, and took every opportunity while I was there to reach out, to show this, and make an impact on so many others there that right now are heading down a different road. I do not think I have seen anyone do a better job of representing Christ in a stressful time, let alone when you consider it was a spouse. Her...grace under pressure was inspiring, and obvious in its source.

Afterwards (and during to some extent) we went to a fancy lunch at "Rey de Hamburguesas" with Gender and Lourdes to discuss a rather new and exciting opportunity for Sampedrana....a group coming this summer there, while we are hosting another group in Tegucigalpa. They will be staying for four days, finishing the "mission house" project there (adding a second floor to the existing building, as well as a bathroom and patio) as well as distributing corn to families in the mountains, soccer, VBS, Church services every night, and other activities (possibly helping prep new property for coffee, and community projects like sewers and other work around the soccer field.) A big project for anyone, especially for them trying to cook and get everything ready for 28 people. Pray for them...this is a huge opportunity for that Church, and for Gender and Lourdes as well.

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