Monday, May 4, 2009

Ode to Tegus

So the FCO group from NOVA left today. What a great group...not many groups write a song while being here, nor have translators calling them favorites...and crazy. You may not get everything, but it seemed blog worthy....especially because I am not sure they all got a copy of the original hand writen lyrics which are sure to soon be a collector's item. are the lyrics:

Woke in the morning and packed our bags
Filled the cases with all we had
The landing was scary and the descent was steep
Little did we know we'd be in this deep

One little saying got us through
was something that only the Moa Master knew
Cheque pues, cheque pues
City de Tegus what a unique place
Cheque pues cheque pues
Two simple works will put a smile on their face

In Honduras there's only one way to go
In the back of Felipe's truck where your hair will blow
There is one advantage of rolling this way
You see all the people and their pueblo way
When we wave hello to brighten their day
There is one thing that you must say...

que pedos vos que pedos vos
an awesome phrase that's kinda gross
que pedos vos, que pedos vos
that makes chicos laugh here the most

Set up shop out in the sticks
We basically wore out our diagnostic kits
We lined up the patients, they came by the masses
Every single one wanted a cool pair of glasses
One little thing that ruined our flow
is when we gave lentes and they said NO!

Mire la cruz, mire la cruz
no mira a mi tampoco la luz
when leave here today don't be confused
We want you to know Jesus es la luz

We found ourselves among much needed care
Leaving Christ's love in a teddy bear.
Then we created dramas just a funny few
to make the kids laugh and share Jesus too.

Red light green light gringo says
Were games we played and cold milk fed
Board scores are up board scores are up
puchica puchica board scores are up
Val took us to the internet cafe
We all passed what an awesome day.

Dropped off corn bought some gifts so groovy
finished off the day by catching a movie
Went to Church and then went sight seeing
We hate to say that we will be leaving.

Thanks Felipe, Val and Victor too.
Let us take this one last picture with you.

We say muchas, muchas, muchas, muchas, muchas gracias
You say muchas, muchas, muchas, muchas, muchas de nada

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