Monday, June 1, 2009

Auto motive

So today was a great day. A day that for no particular reason really, just gave me pause to thank God....for everything I realize, and so much more I do not even contemplate that He does for us, how He works through us.....for big things like the entire ministry, to small things like reliable transportation, health, safety, good kids, great people with whom to partner and I said, so much more than I can begin to remember.

Today's pictures might seem to be automotive themed, but it was not planned.

Today was a trip to Guasucaran to talk to the teacher there at the school about doing a medical brigade there next week. It has been some time since we have been there...a lost phone number here, and lack of time to head all that way out (sometimes the road can be...interesting) led to probably six months or more of not visiting. I must admit that I went just praying he would be there. Victor was there, and he was apparently very glad to see me. Instantly he was on board for the brigade...and then just opened my eyes to how much the help God had sent through us had been helping the school, and the community. It was a little too much for me to take in...I mean, we are not saviors of the collapse of humanity there, but it did bring it back home to me how much taking the love of Christ along with things to help physically can make a difference.

On the way there we saw a parked bus (for the local route I gathered) from the Tippecanoe School Corporation. I can only imagine that there is only one...which is about 20 minutes from where I grew up. Funny to see it here....which is the second such TSC bus I have seen in Honduras....both with the ID not having been painted over with anything else. It odd feeling.

We went in the Land Cruiser to Guasucaran. The road was not the most interesting it has ever been...but I was very impressed with how it handled the bumps, mud, ruts, rocks, etc. It could almost be described as a pleasant ride...even with all that. Plus I think I discovered upon filling the tank that we got almost 19 miles per gallon....almost none of that highway either. Very nice.

This priceless picture was snapped while I waited outside the airport to pick up some friends. A caption I think would not really do it justice. I should just point out that the rear of the vehicle was equally equipped.

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Steve S said...

Dude! I think I was with you when you saw the first Tipp. bus. Can't express how much I've thought about you guys and wished I was coming this year. AAaaarrrghh! Just know that every day Lisa & I check up on you and talk about you together and with God.

Press on!