Thursday, May 28, 2009


So, by now you have probably heard about the earthquake off the Honduran coast early this morning. I know it was around 2:30 because that is when Valerie woke up, and then she woke me up saying "I think it is an earthquake." I sat there...and said "I think you are right." She was getting dizzy. It felt like someone was shaking the bed...and it was, it was just shaking everything else at the same time. I posted on Facebook the quite noteworthy experience...and went back to bed. It was done under a minute.
It is amazing that an earthquake that fierce on the Richter scale caused "so little" damage. There are still reports coming in...including cracks and problems in a very old Church just an hour from here, but I did not notice anything here at the house or in the clinic this morning, so praise God for that. So far the totals I have seen indicate four dead, 17 injured, 150 homes damaged, 3 bridges down, 14 schools, 4 public buildings, 2 hotels, and 7 factories. I am sure those totals are not done adding up (especially as it pertains to buildings) but hopefully there are no destructive aftershocks either.

Yesterday I bought tires for the Land Cruiser. Tires are expensive! It was not until my tires were next to the tires for a Hyundai four door car that I realized the difference in the tires besides the cost. I fought buying tires at Pricesmart, even though they are usually cheaper than other places. I was sure I could find cheaper tires elsewhere. I was wrong. I checked several different tire shops...for the money nobody touched Pricesmart prices, which now seemed almost cheap by comparison.

Things keep changing at the clinic. I have a feeling that will be the M.O. for quite some time. Here you can see the drawings that the nursing students have put up to share during their lesson times....they teach patients about how to do preventative treatments at home (just one of the benefits of CHE training in the clinic) and Valerie has been talking to Marlen as well about creating pamphlets we could distribute to people as well.

And the wall behind the clinic will be finished soon enough. Carlos is doing the block work (to finish the wall already started by our neighbor) and we will use groups this summer to finish the footer that goes on top of the pre-fab wall (seen just to the left of where Carlos is working.)
Eventually we will even get around to painting it. I am torn on the color choice....we have talked about keeping the same blue color of the old clinic, and keeping it on both buildings, or painting the old building another color to differentiate. We shall see...Dora is taking on one of her many odd jobs and painting some more signs on the existing building to make sure people know to go to the new building.

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Justin Clark said...

As more and more reports come in from the Earthquake, we will be continually pryaing for everyone there.