Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lluvia de todo

Today the corn distribution in Cantaranas went well...highlight for me was meeting someone who attends the Church...through visiting the clothing store to buy clothing (I asked and even what she was wearing she bought there.) There were several stories shared...powerful stuff.

Souvenir shopping went well, and then we tried to return to Teguc, and the rain began....lots of rain, and traffic, and the trip took like over an hour instead of 1/2 hour.

Then came more of the political problems going on here, peaceful demonstrations until now, all of that over president Mel Zelaya's illegal consultation about the constitution he has masterminded, now with wondering who is running the military, etc. and then hearing the news about Mr. Jackson and Ms. Fawcett....all combined to make that well over an hour drive even more interesting.

What will tomorrow bring? Ah, we know that God already knows, and pray for His strength, protection, and Word to share with those in the hospital we will visit and the kids in the milk project.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

Money and fame couldn't buy health or long life for either celebrity. Only what we do for Christ matters. So thankful you are working for Him.