Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Odd day

Today we ventured out to Guasucaran for a clothing distribution with VBS. There were not many people there, I was quite surprised...until we found out the teacher there had gotten mixed up with the dates and told people it was last week, then it started to make sense. The day went well, and we started back early....only to find a chip delivery truck stuck on the side of the road, who we ended up towing back to Ojojona....praise God we were remove the truck from a bus trying to get a child to the hospital, and for him to get him back. He was very grateful, gave us a bunch of free plantain chips to express his gratitude as well.

On our way back, we got word that a sister from the Church had died. Just recently she had been ill, and finally the doctors at the hospital told her family she had cancer and needed to go home to die. This was just yesterday. We were planning on buying her a water bed for her "final months" this Friday. We went to the wake this evening as we will not be able to be there for the funeral tomorrow (with the group). I have been to wakes and funerals before....and I applaud those that are so willing to be there, to help in any way. Tonight was the first night however that I helped in such a way....comforting, praying, but then being in the right place to carry the body to the coffin from where she died. It was...surreal. What was not surreal was the formaldahyde burning my eyes fiercly as we moved that shell into another shell. There were at least 50 people in and around the house from the Church. I did not like having to be there, nor having to leave to get home to the kids and to work for the group tomorrow. Being there, grieving, sharing, just talking to everyone, things we do in other times, but it seems the best times that happens are when someone dies, which just strikes me as ironic.

Then tonight at 9:45, an odd spontaneous announcement from the president here....accepting the resignation of two big shots in the military, to the applause of everyone there (special invites no doubt.) Now, this is kind of concerning because they "resigned" because the prez is not happy with them...because they are obeying the law by supporting his decision to use the military to help his little poll that is to happen on Sunday, with the purpose of....well, that is not exactly clear, but the long story short, it is socialism in action and the goal of long term change of the government (probably to keep him in power.) Applauding the firing of people for upholding the laws of the congress of the country? That is not something that sits well. I normally try not to get too excited about these things, but prayer is requested and necessary for the country and its habitants, especially in this time of change, uncertainty and opportunities for witnessing and showing the faith we have been given. I do not think things are going to turn upside down today to tomorrow, but still we need to be more vigilent and watchful of what is going on around us.

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