Monday, July 6, 2009

Airport run

(If you are not interested in all the political/eye witness events of today, jump down to the part in bold)

So I did run past the airport today, at least the part where the violence was yesterday. Not that it was shocking, but I was surprised at how much graffiti there was....on walls, at the fast food places (at least five of the businesses along that way (about a city block long or so) were boarding up their windows) on the before very beautiful sculptures and monuments near the circular turn around. The surprising target of several pieces of the painting was the catholic cardinal here and one member of the press who does the nightly news and a roundtable discussion in the mornings (who has seemingly tried to keep objectivity while clearly having big problems with Mel and what he was up to/scheming/planning)

The amount of fence that had been torn out (and was being repaired) was also more than I was expecting. Today there were police inside the fence line standing guard, but not many. I also got a good glimpse of the defunct plane they pulled out to park near the touch point (and the big truck parked further down the runway.) I guess to prevent him from landing secretly they had to go to all that effort and close the airport for the whole day. If I was flying today...I would be a tad peeved.

Then I went to find where the young man had been killed. It was not hard to find. I presume the trail of blood that was still there was where he was shot. (I was running, so sorry for no pictures) The area was marked with old shoes as protect the line (maybe 15 feet?)?? Not sure about that. I am no CSI or NCIS (I prefer NCIS by the way) but from the position where the blood would seem to me the angle for the police to have shot him would have been extremely difficult if not impossible, unless he was jumping up or elevated somehow....again, if that is where he was shot. I was running, and I saw the police before, but could not see them from where I was standing by the trail of blood. I saw no blood anywhere else, but there was grass surrounding the area (this area was part of the little park/monument area where there was a stone path) which I suppose could have masked things, plus the great multitude of people around there yesterday. The human rights director mentioned in my other blog posting today also says the military was using rubber bullets to try to disperse the crowd, so that shot must have come from somewhere else. Very interesting. I am no conspiracy theorist, but it seems to me that for a human rights director, his conclusions seem remarkable for completely backing the military, even though from what I saw, I could be convinced it really did happen that way.

The Popeye's located just across the street was broken, workers working hard. I did not look too closely to see if there was damage inside as well, but it would stand to reason. Somehow...the gas station just across from that was servicing customers and looked to not have been affected at all.

Another day of debate, words, and little action. There is more talk of investigating crimes of the Zelaya administration, of how much money was being used for the illegal poll (over $2 million) that was not budgeted, and some interesting talk of controversy from Nicaragua where some people wonder where the OAS was with all their power when people complained (vociferously as I recall, with some protests "worse" than these) about fraudulent elections in the mayor's race last year in Managua. I will leave it to you to study and think about all that.

The kids did well on their tests, Valerie had a good day at the clinic....with Carlos there to start fixing the laundry list she has of things that need to be fixed, redone, or done in the first place, and Oscar reports giving out the last of the clothes and that Miguel the welder is on the task of putting up a railing on the new clinic (which can be folded down to give us access for moving big items in or out in the future...we actually thought ahead this time) and then over to the man cave to put up posts to be used for mounting serpentine wire next week, and then finally hopefully fixing the garage doors up by the mission house. Tomorrow Roberto should get the Land Cruiser Pickup finely tuned and ready for Jonathan after Gerson gets the metal tubing structure (similar to the other smaller beds in the Fords) installed on it tonight. After that I have more items that need fixed on the Musso.

I include all that minutiae from today to make a small point. We are just one small mission God has placed here. Look at all the people in the above paragraph I mentioned working. Sure, it is amazing to me even on a daily basis how much God has going on here, small stuff to make big stuff happen sometimes, but also when I continue to see press talking about how bad it is here...this is how many people we are interacting with today who are living lives as normal....not to mention how many people went through the clinic today.

I am grateful to be here...not grateful enough by the way, and happy to be be able to work here, to oversee all this and give God the glory for it all! I wanted to make a point here in this blog that has been too caught up on issues of state as of late, that while men might think they rule the world, God is large and in charge. Corny, but true....larger than all of our problems, than our worries, than our grief or ideologies, and in charge...sovereign over all things, despite what our eyes or other human senses might tell us. I think of I Corinthians 1:18-30....those that think they are smart on Earth...have another thing coming.

So when you see, hear, and think things that lead you down the path to thinking that there is no hope, or that things are not as they should be, remember just one little part of those verses.... "For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength."


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