Thursday, July 9, 2009

No bells or whistles, just talk

I still have to talk about this political stuff? At least you have not had to read anything on this for several days. The stories keep churning out here locally of course, many of which are very interesting, but not worthy of full blog posts (like the evidence that shows Chavez may have been much more involved in Sunday's events than even previously speculated.)

Today begins some...well not negociations, as both sides have rejected that. Supposedly this will be dialoging, talking, chewing the fat if you will, with the president of Costa Rica being the mediator (these events transpiring there in San Jose today and tomorrow.) President Arias is a former Nobel peace prize winner, so there appears to be some hope there, and many of the world leaders all up in arms about the situation here seem to be on board with whatever comes of this...assuming something does in fact come from it.

Predications about the rest of the week? Well, if you paid attention to the graffiti that seems to have mushroomed lately, it would be onesided, which I always find interesting...I read the graffiti as I run, I see the sometimes extreme views, and I wonder about the mindset that allows for violating other's property, or public property meant to beautify the country and trashing it to make a point. It may just be me...but when I read such comments portrayed in such a way, it usually leads me to support the other side of whatever is written.

If you pay attention to the owners of many businesses around the airport...they are preparing for more problems. Given the costs involved of fixing such damage...I suppose that is not a bad idea. Nice wood they used...I wonder when things get back to normal if I could pick it up cheap. Hmmmm The kids were bummed land not available.

Speaking of those kids...yesterday I took some time to spend with them. It struck me Monday night when Valerie came down from working in the office and I was on the laptop and said "Finished?" because it was time for bed and I replied without thinking "Never."

If I have enough work to keep me busy at every hit me that I should not wait until I get finished, because that is not happening, I need to just take time for other important things as well. No group here now, time to get reports, emails, accounting, and other tasks done...why not pick up the kids from school and do stuff with them?

You know, fun stuff like going to the grocery. After getting the goods, then we share a liquado. Of course, they would be happier if we all had our own, but sharing is important. This time we tried one with three ingredients....lime, strawberries, and more strawberries. The first drink or two was tart (and tart for me must be very tart) but was quite good. Today they went with me to get coffee for a friend, run to the bank, and take advantage of the mall's play land for a few minutes. Yet another time that I had to stop and remind is not about me. They thoroughly enjoyed it, and that is enough. Share some time over Star Trek and Wipeout, and overall more time spent with them, really spent with them, than in a long time.

I did enjoy this thoroughly however. Soren knows very little about Spiderman, but nevertheless embraces it to the full...and in lieu of a spiderman outfit, Batman works just as well.

And how does a cat sleep in a box of LEGOs? And why? These are the questions I ask myself on a daily basis.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

If the officials could use Soren's smile, all the conflict would be solved soon. Cute pictures.