Friday, July 17, 2009

Lempira day

Where the kids go to school, today was Lempira day. If you do not know who Lempira is...check Wikipedia. Shortest version....he is the George Washington of Honduras, without the victory in the short term.

Dilcia let us borrow some duds for the kids to wear. Of course they tried out the braid (trenza in Spanish for you linguists out there) on Sisko first.

So here are their outfits...Cecilia very happy in hers....Soren's I doubt stayed on very long, it was kind of open on the sides (thus the belt) and he was happy with his shirt and shorts. I considered several different things he looked favorite is a negative karate man. The shoes by the way are made out of some material and cardboard.

The political situation here seems to be reaching a boiling point...but for the most part there is just a lot of talk...from just about everyone but the US administration. Chavez more than makes up for their silence however with his own theories, etc. If you did not know better, you would Chavez is somehow in charge of the situation. I am still seeing some extreme reactions and exaggerations of how life is being affected for most of the population. The answer is that is has nto been changed hardly at all. Sure there are some opportunities for pictures to be taken or stories shared that would make things seem worse...but with very few exceptions....things are no different now living and moving around than they have been. Sure, this is not ideal, but we are not suffering really. It can be draining all this stuff, but when I think of my brothers and sisters in Africa, in China, in India (from which I received a letter just tonight about the very real threats they are receiving there) our problems to this point seem very minor. There, I said it.

Supposedly Mel is planning on coming back tomorrow (like I, talk, talk.) However in running today I did see that there were workers with generators and lights to work overnight on installing a third barrier of chain link fence with serpentine in the middle around the end of the airport where the protestors broke through the last time that Mel tried to come back. So I am left with thinking "hmmmm" and just trying to get ready for the group tomorrow getting some supplies, spending some family time, etc.

One last construction project around these parts for the near future, is finishing the serpentine wire around the man cave. It has been a while since a break-in, but it was one of those things that the timing was right, the price was right (the welder putting the pipes up was a package deal for also doing work on the bottom and top gate and doing all the metal work on the handrail at the clinic) so we went for it.

One other project got done last month, in the clinic, installing the bullet proof window for Levi...he was very happy. The window was not easy to get....Oscar actually procured it while in Costa Rica, but then getting it back here took some neat work. Good thing though was that it all worked out, and is now firmly in place.

Other than working with the groups that are coming though (one to arrive Monday, the next the first week of August), all the other construction big and small will probably come to a halt while we wait to see if the Church will sell the property to us, and as well to be careful with the funds we have to try to last us for a while for other projects.

To end on a light note...I was especially blessed Friday night to catch via internet magic three Ma and Pa Kettle movies on TCM. If you have never seen one...they are quite a hoot no matter your age. By the way, if you do not like them, well, then you must be a duckaloof. And with that, I bid you good night and may God bless you!

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