Thursday, July 16, 2009

Talanga and more

So in talking with Celeo Tuesday, it appears we are in another one of those "good problem" situations. We had not planned on buying property or having funds to rent a big building because we were of little faith, or rather thinking that it would take some time to build up a flock. Celeo says there are already 50 people meeting there...they do not come close to fitting in the house they are using. If we keep taking groups there and God keeps multiplying....hmmmm. Maybe someone has a tent we could use? Perhaps an opportunity for buying property would present itself? He figures that through the studies he is giving, when they finish there will be at least 15 to be baptized. He was very impressed with the impact done from the medical brigade (did I mention the Church is over 50 now?) and he has several ideas about how to use CHE in the city, but is not sure how to go about the implementation...hopefully a visit from one of the facilitators that trained us earlier in the year next month will help in that regard.

Since clothing is being extremely rationed now until we get another container (all we have left are some purses which are harder to sell, and a few shoes to get everyone through the next two or three weeks) it has put more in the front of our minds that we need to also be helping the Churches with other methods of providing for themselves, and for their pastors. Coffee seems to be the future for Sampedrana, and likely in the future for San Juanctio as well. Talanga especially is more difficult for such ideas (property values, accessability to work the land, quality of the land) but we will keep seeing what opportunities are there.

The political situation....about the same. More talk of course, including more threats from the old president, and ol' Hugo baby down South (my favorite is during a press conference him defending "democracy" while he reads from Marx and the communist manifesto, and also proudly proclaiming that he has people who have infiltrated CNN) but for stays normal for those like us....for people depending on tourism, restaurants, or other economic ventures, it is not so good. I have not asked around, but I am guessing the influx of groups is down all over as well.

Oscar and I met yesterday to plan what the next two groups will be doing....all very encouraging just talking about it, let alone actually getting to see it happen. Now we just need to pray that the aforementioned political situation does not cause problems in them being able to come. If things stay as they are should not be a problem.

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Anonymous said...

"...But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD" ~ Joshua 24:15

As for me and our group, we can't wait to go and serve the people of Honduras, in His holy name. See you Monday ~ Justin Clark & The FCC Mission Team