Friday, July 31, 2009

Saturday musings

So it is Saturday, so I am taking this post a little easy, since not many people read blogs on the weekend.

I promised to discontinue covering the Honduran political situation on Facebook, and will do my best to minimize talking about it here, especially since for the most part, the situation has not least for most of the country. Down near the border, the people are suffering due to Mel's camping out there and continual threats/promises of coming back. Most people, even his supporters, are growing weary of promises not fulfilled. This week has been just an amazing and sad yet funny turn of events. Here is the funny, yet true, recap: Mel says he is going to leave the border and camp out in the mountains, training his "people's army" (using Sandinista bases) a "popular militia" for causing revolt...oh, but of course he then added "they will be peaceful." Peaceful armies militias for revolt...sure. By the end of the week, he abandoned that and said "either change back the government, or generalized violence is coming." I would be scared if I had actually seen him do anything that he had promised up until now. It is not funny to see how people are suffering here because all of this, but at some point you have to just laugh so you do not cry. So we laugh.

Valerie told me yesterday about a patient she had, a guy in his mid 20s who had a rather serious problem that was compromising his vision in one eye. She gave him the news that his vision was not correctable....and quickly discovered he was about to faint. Marlen happened to knock and enter the room just then, and after they both held up his feet and talked him through it...he came out of it. And then they were able to talk about it, his future, and Christ helping him in it.

She also mentioned that the new "chats" that the staff are giving are going very well, that everyone is motivated and does well in front of a crowd. Now we just need to get them videotaped. Levi's presentation on abortion was most interesting so far, as the term for miscarriage in Spanish involves that word, abortion. Not only were they able to talk about everything medically, but also about what God's word says, etc.

Thursday I had to help Cecilia with some homework. As she is learning to read (and encouragingly now able to pick up on small words) she has at some points to cut and paste text that includes certain syllables. So, for your Spanish reading pleasure (those that read Spanish) I am including something I created just to get a text to paste, for her to then circle all the lla lle llo llu lli portions. A riviting story...I have yet to sell the movie rights, but am still entertaining offers.

"Recibí una llamada sobre una llama que había llamado sobre un llave que necesitaba para abrir la puerta a su casa. Bueno, para mí darle una copia de su llave, él tenía que llenar un formulario y llevar eso a mi jefe cuando llegó al lugar. Allí comenzó todo el rollo, porque la llama lloró por no haber traido un lápiz, parece que el pollo que andaba en el camino se lo robó, un pollo muy agalludo, aunque la llave estaba escondido en su cabello, y eso es un llama muy velludo. Entonces al final yo puse mi sello en el formulario para poder seguir todo antes que venia la lluvia, y la llama consiguió su llave, y vive siempre en felicidad en su casa…con su llave."

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Laurie said...

Good post. I will write u later today. I am going to try to come back to Honduras this week, but some things are making my life complicated this week.