Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I hope it was A, B or D

So, this past weekend was a full one for us. We have been talking about visiting Chiminike, the children's museum here, for years. Maybe some of you know what it is have something so close, and so available, that you just never get around to visiting it. I have to say, I was taken aback at the scale of this museum. I had heard it was impressive, but there is a ton of stuff there for the kids, not just to play, but as they get older, quite a bit of information there. I took many pictures, but just posted a few here to give you an idea.

My favorite picture, but least favorite overall experience, was the smell station. You can not make out what the buttons say, but the idea is that you put your hand below, squeeze this little container, and smell...and then try to guess where the smell originates on the human body. One try was enough for me to get nauseous. Then I had to identify where it came from....A, B, C, or D. A was Mouth B was armpit C was Anus D was foot. I was so suffering from the toxic odor...I can not remember which was the right answer.

Oscar and his family....thinking exactly as we had, joined us in the adventure. We ate in the train that you can see in the courtyard. I was very impressed with the food, and the prices. A family of four, eating a nice lunch, and visiting the museum for over three hours was under $20. I am sure we will be back at some point.

The garden area at the clinic is now underway. We have seeds from the last group, Dora without groups to feed, and time to work, and so she is being groomed as the new gardener as well. Unfortunately the fence will be needed because as the vegetables grow...they would otherwise disappear. We have some time to figure out what we will do with any harvest, until then Dora will keep working out back there, and then eventually start also planting some flower seeds they brought us out in front of the clinic.

Sunday we went to the 1st anniversary service in Cantaranas...stopping again to pick up quite a few folks from Talanga that wanted to see the Church there. Add that multitude, plus the invited folks from the Teguc Church and helpers from San Juancito...and it was a packed house. God be praised, there was no rain, so the over 200 people fit fine under the trees with borrowed desks from the school next door.

The video below shows you some of the people there (this is before everyone was seated)...many of the kids were playing on the other side of the clothing store (the Church meets there under the roof, the clothing store is the building) and there were quite a few women cooking and preparing other things as well. It was a great afternoon praising God for the work being done there, a long day, but good that we were able to go. Originally a group was to be here and someone to preach, but Oscar got the call since they were not able to be here, and it all went very well. The only downside for our kids was Cecilia feeling like an animal at the zoo (I do not think the kids there get opportunities to see Caucasian kids up close and personal very often, so when we told her she had to sit for part of the service, there were a few kids that just stood there and watched her.)

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