Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ever vigilent...yuck

We like to think that we do a good job on security on the things God has blessed us with...after all, they are our responsibility, and we want to be good administrators of everything. We had another break-in Monday night at some point. The worst part of it is that they broke into a container that had a puck lock placed on it...they opened the container, but could not get it closed. They took some computer CDs and a few pieces of equipment, along with some notebooks, etc. From what we can tell, they had a key. How did they get it? Did we lose one? We are not aware of anything like that happening. That leaves us with the supposition that it is someone that works or worked for us, either "borrowing" the key that was in the clinic, or making a copy somehow. Not a fun prospect to have to be suspecting those around you of such a thing.

Rather than give into that, we are going to re-evaluate our security, get some new locks, change who gets to use them and when, and even change some of the locks on the clinic for keys that can not be copied (trying to fix a problem before it becomes one) and pray for those that did this, but not starting a witch hunt looking for someone that we could not find beyond a shadow of a doubt anyway.

The cistern work continues, and at a pace I can get used to...we are paying for the job, not by the day, so they monitor themselves and make sure everything is done in the right order, etc. with all the curing cement and such. We are hoping to help Isabel get back into college this semester, even though she has had some problems with some teachers not getting her grades into the public universities system, hopefully she can get that fixed while doing one semester at a private university to take some clases...something better than nothing. Progress on getting the coffee plants to get the property planted in Sampedrana is making some strides...we are coordinating the procurement of the plants, and the Church will take care of all the clearing (not the big trees, just the weeds and such) of the property, and the actual taking care of the plants and the planting. Oscar and I will need to make a trip to take the plants up there, as well as getting the rolls of chain link fence for them to continue the work on the soccer field, hopefully in the next week or so. Oscar will be gone this Thursday, along with the Church pastors, to the quarterly Body of Christ pastors meeting, this quarter taking place in San Pedro Sula, and then making a trip to Guatemala to visit a brother who has started a Church there, and has been diagnosed wtih Gilian-Barré syndrome, something from which he will need 1-2 years to recover. He is going with some other pastors and a rep from the mission that started that Church to see what can be done to keep things going, and keep his health a priority, during this time.

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