Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ghost cisterns in the sky

So I thought you would like to see where the cistern is being placed for the clinic, and then expalin why. Of course, at this point you can not see much of anything besides a little white of the shirt of the guy in the hole, and the guy in green. They are preparing the footers for the the midst of a great big rock. Reason #1 why put the cistern there....there is a big rock there which makes doing anything else hard. As a matter of fact, it makes putting a cistern there not a piece of cake either. Reason #2, the water coming from the street enters right there. Why columns to raise it off the rock? Reason #3...if it is high enough, we can hopefully rely on gravity to keep pressure to all the sinks, etc. in the building and not need to use electricity or a pump. Reason #4 is not a real reason, but I think it will be cool to get to paint it, and climb on top of it to get a really good view, maybe even appropriate for bungy jumping. Or maybe not.

I have not posted much to do with Honduran society lately, and while I was in the middle of errands and was waiting for Pricesmart to open (they open at 10 and I was heading past there at get several hundred dollars of supplies/food for the mlik project) I sat parked next to DK'D. DK'D is a donut operation that started quite a while ago, over a decade for sure. The story as I heard it goes that everyone knew it as Dunkin Donuts, but they were threatened with a lawsuit, and thus just switched the name to DK'D. I hear it spoken as "DKD" just the letter spelled out, although not that often, they are not any cheaper than Dunkin Donuts, which showed up on the Honduran scene a few years ago, so I do not know many people that eat them with any regularity....most people I know if they are going to eat donuts find a local neighborhood woman who fixes them...much cheaper.

Valerie had a rough morning this morning. I had to make a trip up to take quite a few things that she forgot when she left...just so much to do it is hard to remember everything sometimes. Prayers for her peace of mind working, her health with at least two problems, and just some time for relaxation sometime in the next few months would be appreciated. Her extra busy morning had something to do with switching vehicles due to the Musso needing some repairs. Speaking of which...if anyone in Honduras out there is looking for a Land Rover Defender 110...hit me up for all the pertinent information, we are selling ours, a great vehicle nothing wrong with it other than that it is time for us to part with it.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

We will be praying for Valerie, you, your family, and the mission.