Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things that make you go hmmm

Several people have asked me recently how things are here politically. Until today I would have said that things are fine, some protests, but for the most part, things were in a holding pattern anticipating the elections in November.

Then comes the announcement today from the US secretary of state. Feel free to read it at

Termination of assistance, as it is titled, pretty much sums up the jist.

Of course, it would not be political without saying things that it is careful not to say. Very interesting stuff. It comes close in one part to saying they understand why what happened happened, to then in the end saying they would not even support the elections as the situation stands. Hmmmm. They use terms seem chosen to bother the current government, and mention that this termination, which makes big news, follows up on an already placed suspension. Hmmmm.

I watched some TV news tonight...some supporting the protests and ousted president, although I had to turn off the channel that falls over itself to support Mel after the host cursed at a caller and hung up on her...she and several other callers did not support his stance of tacitly supporting protestors who today defaced a Church and school (while kids were in classes...supposedly terrified) because the supporters have identifed the pastor as being involved in the coup (un golpista.)

The other stations I watched both tried to put a positive spin on this announcement, although recognizing it will hit not only Hondurans (and most of them already those that can least afford it) but also all of CA in different ways.

I waver between thinking they were painting the pig, to whether or not they really believe what they said...basically that this was not good news, but it at least one sense it was, because Honduras needs to solve its own problems without being dependant on handouts from the US or other countries. Of coures, if we handled donations and did the work on the higher levels that were supposed to be done instead of all the stealing/absconding of funds that happens, maybe we would not need so many. That may seem like it misses the point for the country as a whole...but if the leadership perpetually shows one thing, it is logical to think that the general population would follow suit.

Regardless...this is a blow for US/Honduras relations. The US has been an ally for Honduras for quite some time, and without making this political, now we see the US cutting ties to support a growing socialist/communist president, and annoucning elsewhere in the paper here relaxing even further sanctions against Cuba. Hmmm

So...we continue to pray and take a "wait and see" approach. The clinic staff is having a morning of fasting/prayer on Saturday. Valerie showed me the list of topics tonight....prayer for the country, elections, and leaders was top on the list. Regardless what we may all personally "feel" we need to pray for God's direction, plan, and Holy Spirit working through this situation, the leaders and movers/shakers and all of us in working for Him and not for what is around us.

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