Friday, October 16, 2009

A few pictures

Just some pictures taken around in the past couple is the same everywhere, but sometimes things are a bit different.

Life is different when you have to use oxen instead of a tractor. These particular oxen were not fond of the idea of the group standing next to them and touching them for a picture when they got close enough. Their owner seemed happy to see the group admiring them even if they were not touchy feely kind of oxen...and even sharing their names as he went about his business. I would like to think if I had oxen I would name them Oxymoron and Oxygen.

I spotted these in Valle de Angeles. I had seen some before made from pieces of wood and bent copper, these are made with Lencan style pottery. The wood ones are a little easier to make out what the image you see it? I will include the answer in the caption of the last picture here so as to give you a fair shot at figuring it out. Pretty, but I can not seem to pull the trigger for the mission house or personal house in spending $64 to pick one up.

Art gallery in Valle...have I posted this before? The art included is pretty odd for my taste, what continues to amaze me are two things:
#1 It is still open (sometimes...normally closed when I go by, but obviously still operating...more than can be said for many souvenir stores around town what with the great downturn in groups.)
#2 Somehow it has never suffered from graffiti or vandalism...not even the paintings for sale behind the bars outside the main door. I guess Valle really is a sleepy, peaceful little town.

I am not out and about at night for the most part, especially at the hour that most bars and discos pick up the pace, so I especially like the fact that this bar is always closed when I see it for the irony factor...since toque de queda is translated curfew. A popluar phrase here recently with the political turmoil...keeping in mind that these businesses are the ones most affected by the recent curfews, it is all the more interesting idea to turn that into a business name. By the way, I do not think most people here lose any sleep (pun definitely intended) when they are forced to close due to those curfews.

This is one of the milk project rooms. Elizabeth (our intern) and Laurie (friend and missionary here helping with the project) have been busy trying to turn the plain jane walls from the old clinic into something a little more festive for the kids. Making changes to the milk project takes time, but we are prayerful in seeing already that they are for the better for the long term success of the project in not only feeding kids physically, but spiritually and to their long term health as well. Almost all the kids currently do not go to any Church, and all of them need hygiene lessons on life that they are not getting otherwise.

Moving here is always something of a sight...moving furniture, moving construction supplies, moving produce to market, just about anything. Bumpers dragging the ground, suspensions going way beyond spec, or in this case a high center of gravity and what looked to me when I passed this guy...a certainty that this guy was falling off at any minute as the load seemed to continue to slide to my left. Any time you pass someone and think "just wait until I get by, just wait until I get by" you know it is a little out of the ordinary.

Names here taken from English are common. Names spelled correctly, not so much. That happens in the US as well for sure, but at least there most of the misspellings are intended. At least...I hope they are intended. I have seen more than I can recall here. (This one in the back of the taxi comes out pronounced the same as English since we do not pronounce the H here)
My favorite was the one that looked like consonents mixed with two random vowels (it was at a bank, they had a name tag) whose name I noticed after she checked my account and laughed out loud at my ridiculously spelled/pronounced name. I asked her how that mess on her name tag was pronounced (more politely of course) to which she said "Wendy." I think there was an E and D in there amongst the eight letters somewhere, but that was about it in matching that name as I commonly know it.

Ah, the menonite bakery...what a great cinnamon roll they make. Just looking at the picture makes me want a glass of milk to go with it.

And the lencan pottery forms the last supper, with Christ having the wood form he also has a copper formed cup in front of Him.

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