Monday, October 19, 2009

Group Weekend

A group from KY arrived Saturday. We did the normal first day activities, including a trip to the grocery store. As a family we do not usually go to the supermarket on Saturday afternoons since they are busy, but this time it proved to be worth it. The kids were with me since Valerie was at a seminar all day, and much to their delight they got to participate in the Pedigree coloring challenge...getting a free T-shirt, free dog food (which I assured them Sisko will eat) some M&Ms, and the fun of coloring for about 15 minutes.

Valerie took Sisko back on Sunday afternoon with Soren while Cecilia and I were with the group to get his picture taken. It went...not exactly as planned. Picture the guy taking the picture thinking that Sisko would sit still and not listening to Valerie, and then the cat dashing across the parking lot, over the 12 foot fence, and then over the gate to get back home. The guy...who also dashed across the parking lot thinking he was responsable...was quite taken aback. picture for Sisko, but he was none the worse for wear.

The clothing sale in Lepaterique went very well. There were more people than in the past when we have done sales there (always full, but very full then) and quite a few people not from or involved with the Church. It was a very cold afternoon, with a brief rain shower...the kind of weather that Oscar and I really enjoy, and the kind of place that you do not see very often in Honduras, a place where they were actually looking for sweaters and jackets.
The Church there showed us the damage their children's building suffered from the earthquake a few months ago and their building project to replace it (no damage anywhere we know from the 5.something that hit the North coast yesterday) and they were very happy that we left all the leftover clothing from the sale for them to take even further up into the mountains to give away to the very, very economically challenged folks up there. Although unfortunate that many of the clothes we had were XXXXL or bigger so that they are unusable for clothing, they can cut them up to use for blankets, sheets, curtains, etc.

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Laurie said...

Is that Elizabeth in there? Was she in need of clothes, too.