Saturday, October 3, 2009

I guess this week was busy. I say that because I had several times where I felt like I wanted to blog, but it always got too late, and then the next day I said the same thing. Working upon the philosophy of better late than we go on a week recap.

Monday I spent some time with Brad before taking him to the airport to head back to the US, tried to get some month ending accounting done, and some other misc. errands done.

Tuesday more accounting (better a lot of time spent once a month than little big bits as the month goes on) and sorting some really good pictures that the group took. Sorting was quite a task to do...I had 12 GB of pictures they took. It actually took several days of work...very enjoyable work.

Wednesday was container unloading day. As God would have it...the group left on Saturday, the road to the clinic was fixed on Monday and Tuesday, and that brought memories of smooth travels we have not felt for many months. The upside for the container was that it was able to get to the property to unload. Good news right? Well, so we thought.

Getting problem. Getting back out....big problem. This container was 45' long, and the semi was a long one as well. I thought we had done that before...but this time was different. It took quite some time for him to try to get out of our property...and we ended up having to tow him with the white Ford when he got hung up in the ditch. Nothing like making your truck feel very manly to pull a tractor trailer. The driver asked for me to get out of his way, so I left (Mr. Impatient could be his nickname.) Oscar stayed...good thing too because although he thought I was in his way...the driver had no clue how to get out of the neighborhood. Several hours later and the damage done in this picture, he got back on the road. We had much time to figure out what we are going to do in the future for such problems....might require a minor/major redesign of our available property to make sure they can turn around.

Also on Wednesday....waiting in line at the bank. I do this often. Often enough that I should always know to have something to do when it is my turn to spend an hour or more there, as was the case with this particular line. It could have been worse it has been in the past, but since I was forgetful enough to have nothing else to do, a picture seemed like a way to pass a few minutes. Listening to another customer expound on her political eavesdropping this was loud enough for everyone to hear...was interesting as well.

Having to do all that Wednesday meant missing the kids at their school where they had a celebration for everything typical and great about Honduras. I am sure that I would not have been thoroughly entertained by it...but knowing we had to let them down both of us by not being able to be there when many other parents were...that stung. Here is Cecilia in the typical folkloric dress...also being Vanna White, while Soren played a role as some sort of businessman, who had lines to memorize. And since someone had to help him memorize them, I think I can still remember them: "Welcome to the wonderful land of Honduras. Honduras is located in the heart of Central America. Its capital is Tegucigalpa (which he had trouble pronouncing....Tegucipalpa) and its official language is Spanish."

Thursday more errands, started working on the update, yada yada yada. Visit to the bank....had to do some paperwork, they seem to constantly label me as Honduran. I take it as a compliment, undeserved as it is...I even told them it was incorrect, but they decided to leave it anyway. And how many foreigners do not speak Spanish well here? I got yet another compliment on my just ok Spanish skills while there, which always makes me wonder what they hear other times.

Friday I took Elizabeth to the US embassy for her to get some paperwork done...all the while getting to pass by a hundred or so pro-Mel protestors, and getting a couple good shots of the military preventing access to the Brazilian embassy (close to the US embassy) on a couple different roads. Then we went to Pricesmart to buy large quantities of needed goods over the coming months for the milk project, took all that up to the clinic, then I had to turn around and get the kids at school...and finally back home for lunch at 2:30. A full day for sure.

Saturday....up for an early run with Elizabeth, we did our own mini-marathon without any support, and then hit the grocery store, and then the rest of the day spending some time with the kids...first catching the classic "What About Bob?" on cable, then after making cookies and lunch we watched "Groundhog Day" which seemed like the thing to do.

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