Wednesday, October 28, 2009

like a bee

So the group left on Saturday, and the race has been on since then trying to get ready for my trip to the US, getting as much done as possible.

Sunday afternoon Oscar and I had a meeting with the Church about buying the property the mission uses. I am praying that we can make something work out by trying to build their Church building via a pre-fab made in the US structure, which would be cheaper, not as easy (requiring more work) but easier to get people to help with than a strictly cash purchase. Their initial offer was $175,000, even with negotiating down quite a bit (which is normal and expected here) that is a big mountain to climb. Doing pre-fab has many advantages...for the Church as well as us, so we really prayerful that this can come together. I will be trying to meet with one of the companies that does such buildings while I am in the US to get more information and cost estimates to see if we can swing it.

The picture here shows the property boundaries that the topographer did, measuring the distances in meters, and then converting that to the international standard (uh, international in Latin America) of square varas. One square vara is about 7.5 square feet.

Monday was a meeting about CHE and clothing ministries with Jonathan and Celeo as they came into town for the clothing ministry. It was a very good meeting...I did not get home until noon! One other thing I did while I was up there was pack 50 pounds of coffee for me to bring back with me for sale in the US. If you did not get some from the last "shipment" and are interested be sure to let me know.

Tuesday I did another semi-long run on a hard route in the morning (last big prep for the marathon on the 7th), and more computer catch up work...I am not seeing the light before the tunnel on Friday when I leave. Then that night Valerie and I took our date night and...went to Pricesmart to buy for the milk project several months worth of goods, and then on to the delicious restaurant Tre Fratelli, which had disappeared a few years ago and is now back with the same recipes in a new location. On the way is hard to pass up another opportunity for a picture of the mariachi with Ronald McDonald. They seem to like Ronald, on the rare occasions I am out at that hour (cracking midnight at 7:30) they are always there.

Today was a morning of six straight hours on accounting before going to the bank a little later, and then hosting a Table Talk group from Union Christian Church. Table talk is monthly meetings for different families to get to know each other and fellowship more, we have done it for quite a while now and hope to continue to do so for quite some time, it is helpful in so many ways to us, to the relationship in and with the Church body, not to mention fun.

Oscar pointed out the property across from the Mormon Church just a few blocks from us (this taken through the soccer field for those that know the area) has been filled and now prepared for construction. For years he had told me La Colonia, the big supermarket chain here in Teguc, owned that property when it was just a nasty empty spot. Although still officially a rumor...someone who works for them told Oscar they are actually going to build a supermarket there soon. If that will mean huge changes for the area, for the bus stop, and for us as well, everything from the milk project, for when groups are here, and for the clinic staff even as well. Right now the closest La Colonia is across the street from us (15 minutes by car from the clinic.) And the only other closest grocery store is about 10 minutes or more. This could be one sign of changes afoot for the area in general. I just wonder if they will start actual ground breaking construction before this political rift gets totally sealed. Oh, by the way, I passed greetings along to the military guarding two sides of the blockade where the ex-president is. Traffic seems to have figured out ways around the affected area, and is fairly normal. I almost asked for permission to run right by the embassy...almost.

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