Thursday, October 29, 2009


I should probably have more meetings...but sometimes meetings are not fun. Actually most of the time we have to have a meeting, it is not fun, because if it was fun, we would not need a "meeting."

One today was just a misunderstanding, that pesky communication stuff cropping up as it often does. As we get larger as a mission, that can happen, thankfully it does not happen often.

The other meeting was tough....having to take away a scholarship from someone for simply squandering their opportunity. Even if someone can not see what they are doing to themselves, it was still hard for me to know the future that will not be.

I did hear during that meeting a phone call...a sister from San Juancito is dying. Turns out (another reason to have meetings...sometimes we do not hear of the great things the ministries are doing!) that the Church found this woman who was semi-homeless, an older lady, fallen in the street injured. They found a sister in the Church who opened her home to this older woman,
and the Church pitched in to help her as they could. She was in bad shape...the rats were coming into the dirt floor house and eating at her bed sores. Hearing of someone suffering that much, and that the Church stepped up to try to help her...was beautifully shocking.

Now I need to process all that....along with finishing all the reports I need to pack, plus get things ready for Valerie and Oscar once I am gone, all by tomorrow morning when I go to the airport. Yikes, I better get busy.

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