Sunday, October 11, 2009

Night out

Last night we actually went out to have fun. We ate at a very impressive establishment we had never visited, located in the Intercontinental hotel. The sights were quite impressive. Given that the big game was to come on in two hours....there was only one other couple in the place for almost the entire time we were there. This impressive lighting fixture hung from the probably 10 meter high ceiling.

We enjoyed some food I had never had before, like lobster bisque, a fish fillet that I do not remember even what kind of fish it was, and of course as a garnish for some shrimp came this decorative mixture of beets and carrots. Decorative for the staff who tried twice to take it away...edible for Valerie who was waiting to eat it with her fish. Seeing their perplexed looks at her frugalness made me chuckle to myself.

I know we do not eat out often...even less at "fancy" places, so my unfamiliarity with knives was not surprising. I knew what the regular knife was for...the other two I still have no clue. We had fun thinking of what they might be for...I wonder if you know?

This is the door to the restaurant. That has to be the biggest door I can remember seeing. Hotels here seem to excel at such grandness. I really tried to slow down and take in the atmosphere of such a place...even the door to the bathroom was around 8 feet tall. I never felt too tall there, that is for sure. In some ways it almost felt like a museum or art gallery it was so ornate, well cared for, and just pretty.

And of course what romantic evening would be complete without a trip to the grocery store? (in the mall across the street) I think I have seen pumpkins here before...maybe. Of course these are here for Halloween, which perhaps the elite here celebrate, but everyone we know and work with could either care less, does not even know about it, or deliberately does not celebrate something they consider not something harmonic with their faith. I have to admit, although it seems harmless in the US, and for some people is harmless, if you look at the background, or what is being celebrated, it is not the best idea, especially in or involving the Church.

I have no idea what pumpkins go for in the US, but that one on the top left would have been $6.35 weighing in at 10 pounds.

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