Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your kidding me

I am really behind on blogging. Surely you have noticed, just as you noticed the pun in the title...not the misspelling it would appear to be.

I will not try to catch up all at once, I wan to post some potentially general interest pictures and comments, as well as get my take on this ongoing political "situation" (sneak preview of the bottom line...I am not nearly as alarmed as many others are) so tonight we will just focus on the kids. I have heard that people want to see more of our kids on the blog...if this is not the case, be sure to let me know.

First we have Soren enjoying his legos. Nothing big there, except if you look at the bottom right hand corner of the picture, he is playing futbol legos. He has his goalie, the goal posts, and a line set up for a free kick. He could not find a they even make lego balls? He was gearing up for the Honduras vs. USA game tonight, a big game for us, but we lost 3-2 to the US team. As disappointing as that was for us (we are not out yet for qualifying for the World Cup, but this game could have put us in for sure) it was very interesting to see the shots of the US team leaving the boos or anything towards them, in fact they must have been supportive because you could see the US team applauding the crowd, and even waving to the people.

Here is Soren with his birthday gift (okay, he had some help putting it together) while sporting his blue for the game tonight (he let Cecilia wear the jersey he has)

They went with Elizabeth (and Dilcia's two youngest girls) to the children's museum here this afternoon for three hours....that plus a big day yesterday meant they did not stay up to see the game....which is fine with me as Cecilia tends to be a fan of whatever team is winning. I think I studied people like that in Psych classes. At least she is never disappointed.

Speaking of Cecilia, here she is after her late night on
Friday. Dilcia helped her put in some curlers (aluminmum foil with toilet paper around them, rolled into the hair while it was damp) before she went to bed and in the morning...well, you see the results. I have to say, it worked much better than I thought it would. It even worked much better than Valerie's last perm!

And in case you have not seen Cecilia for a whlie...Hannah Montana mania persists here. We get the Disney channel, and she enjoys watching Hannah whenever she gets the chance....or playing dress up games with Hannah on the get the idea.

Dilcia was watching the kids last night because we were at a meeting at their school for parents ("please do not bring your kids" we were told) that was very interesting.

We started out meeting in the Church building next to the school (a former bank branch, but it works.) It was mostly informative...what not to do, what to do, etc. along with introducing the staff, and explaining the origin of the name "Elliott Dover Christian School." Not all the parents are apparently believers, so it was very good to present that, and even have one of the teachers who was greatly influenced by the missionary couple (they died in Iraq in 2004 along with several other missionaries.)

Then we went over to the school to talk to the teachers about the kids as individuals. I went to Cecilia's room, Valerie to Soren's. This is Cecilia's "office" where she works on her paces (one open here shown) sets her goals for the day, and in general tries not to disturb or talk to the student next to her.

We got good reports on both kids, despite my digging for dirt on them. Cecilia admitted to me she wants to take singing classes somewhere...because her teacher keeps telling her singing in class is not allowed. She confirmed that Cecilia does like to sing to herself, but a well motivated student, one who is getting over 90% on all her homework, and several times has 100%. At her age that was certainly not me...good to see she takes after her mother in that regard. I was concerned about her speaking mostly Spanish at school....the teacher noted that since she speaks more English than the other kids...she talks quite a bit, and in English. Ah...that sounds more like me.


The Mom (Leah) said...

You have to be proud. Who wants a kid that never talks?

Laurie said...

Good blog post. I am glad Elizabeth took the kids to the museum. I enjoyed my time there with kids from Christine's church. I plan on posting on that one day....

By the way, did they climb into the big nose there? That's always a cause for joy.