Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching up...kind of

I have said in the past that these trips to the US are far more busy than my busy nature in Honduras, and my failure to blog hardly at all this time only adds further proof to that reality.

I have not taken many pictures this time around, but there are a few to post here.

So since our last posting...well, let me see what I can remember.

I got back from Cincy, took some stuff to FAME for the container, and tried to catch up on computer work to some extent, and then was off to Atlanta for a couple days...a few meetings, fellowship, trying new foods (like Chick-fil-a, eel sauce, water chestnuts, tofu) and then to Jacksonville Florida for another few days...more meetings, creating new friendships, revisiting some old, trying yet more first time foods (crab legs, unpeeled shrimp, oysters, banana pudding)giving communion meditations for three services, a lunch for Honduras information, a supper with more friends, then back to IND, helping finish the load packing of that FAME container, a supper and night spent at Valerie's sister's house, some shopping for Cecilia with the grandparents, and then back to my parents house with the kiddos for some new food experiences of their own (cheese balls, twinkies, brocoflower, mexican wedding cookies...quite the experience as you can see.)

Today I am doing some accounting on our rapidly depleting coffee supply, helping with the kids...although with dad out of the fields due to rain...they are getting a treat of riding the tractor just for fun and some other fun stuff only grandma and grandpa could back to back days at the Pizza Hut buffet.

Tomorrow off to the National Missionary Convention which will last until very early Sunday morning, when I head back to Indianapolis to speak at a Church and then meet Valerie in the afternoon after she finishes at another Church. Then the rest of our time is pretty much already scheduled until we head back to Honduras. Time does fly when you are having fun...even if at 10 MPH on a Deere.

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Laurie said...

WONDERFUL picture of your children. They look happy!