Monday, November 9, 2009

A few thoughts

1. Anybody know of a 2000 or newer bus we could get cheap or via a donation? The Church bus for Teguc lost its motor. The mission is not really in a position to just help them buy one, but if there is a connection to be made in which we can assist them and it help us as well with the property purchase in this way, it seems like a win-win and somehting worth pursuing if we can.

2. The marathon on Saturday went very well. My goal after last year's time of 5:0something (I forget...I think it was 5:05?) and the weather for this year's race was again about as perfect as it gets. The course was great, and my time in the end was 4:57. I had some bathroom issues along the way during the first ten miles or so, but God kept me going through it all and my only battle scars were a few spots of chaffing, a big bloody blister...and some sore quadraceps. After that I walked to the car and drove two hours to Cincinnati for a Church mission fair, which was great as usual.

3. I was working last week on a bunch of different things, but updating our mission standee for Church presentations was something I was not really looking forward to, but was glad I did in the end. After all...Soren is no longer 2 years old (and that among many other pictures needed to be updated.) I think it turned out ok.

4. I am also hunting a vehicle for Oscar, or rather, for his wife free him up from taking her to the doctor, getting the kids from school, etc. Unfortunately if he gets something from the US it has to be 2002 or newer, so I was looking at wrecked cars here that fit the cheap profile but can be repaired in Honduras cheaper (only fixing body damage...still functioning engine etc. required.) So far however, nothing in his price range is popping up. Hmmmm

5. Otherwise...answering tons of email, organizing things for the container shipping this weekend, fielding texts and calls from Honduras, and getting ready for a trip to ATL and JAX this week. I actually slept eight hours today though, actually over eight hours, so that was a pleasant surprise!

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Anonymous said...

I visited you all in March and helped with the move from the old to new clinic (friend of Laurie's). If you still have coffee here in the US, I'd like to get some.