Monday, December 21, 2009

Christ mas nada....Solo Cristo y nada mas! has been a week since my last blog. Catching up would be hard. Life...has been hard lately. I had several paragraphs trying to relate how...but it will have to suffice to say what I just said and try to move forward. Sometimes you have to see the trees and not the forest, and sometimes if you look too long you may stop moving, get overwhelmed and/or lose your direction. Balancing the always hard. Sometimes trying to balance work and family....or just work and mental stability is also hard.

Last week was ramping up to the Christmas party for the mission staff on Wednesday. We tried to sort through what we have received on containers to give them a lasting gift they can use...this year it was chairs. Each staff person got two chairs for their house. They were very happy to sort through the options and each one pick which they wanted. We were also able to give each one a gift certificate for the grocery store...something all of them could use, plus the lovely dinner out together. We do not all see each other every day, and for some it was the one time of the year they get to see everyone else, but it was good to take that time to relax, to fellowship and spend time together. This year it was just staff plus one guest...having entire families together is good...but not generally what I would call relaxing.

Besides that there was plenty of work finishing up the clinic modifications, moving tons of stuff that came on the FAME container to have them more organized (I spent a whole day doing that, Dora helped many hours, Carlos moved probably a literal ton or more of pieces that we will not need for several months or more (pieces for the mission house remodel, for the second floor of the new clinic, etc.) to sit on top of the containers in the man cave, separate and distribute supplies for the two soccer ministries, and organize the toys we received for Christmas distribution and for the kids of our staff. They may be small, but mean so much to so many.

And before Oscar and family took off to Costa Rica and Panama for the holidays, we all got to see our kids participate in a Christmas event at their school, which was very interesting to see. We are not sure how Soren was chosen to be Joseph in his part of the extravaganza, but with his outfit I liked how he looked like a jedi warrior. Cecilia was a true performer doing her part singing and moving with rhythm, it was impressive and I tend to be a skeptical parent. This picture is not just Cecilia and Annia's first grade...this is first through four grade. Yes, it is a small school.

Today I was up at the clinic all morning...with Oscar gone I am in charge of handling the clothing ministry distributions to the respective ministries. Add to that trying to fix a few things in the clinic, plus get those great soccer goodies to Carlos for the ministry here in Teguc. Hopefully they can find something in there for the prizes for their big championship they have going...12 teams with 12 guys each playing games from election day (November 29th) through January 10th. A big way to get people in and out of faith together to share and spend time together.

How about a few more pictures?

Another small item that we put in its place this week was the baptismal donated by a supporting Church in Ohio. It was not easy to move out of the container, onto the truck, or back off the truck, but it was much appreciated by Celeo. For now it will have a temporary home in Talanga...until they are able to get property and a building, then it will get a more permanent home. By Honduran standards, it almost doubles as an above ground swimming pool.

I have lived near this restaurant for a few years, and seen it there for about 10 years before that, but have never stopped for a bite. Funny how that is. I suppose the best place to cook your pig is where everyone would see it, right? Of course, in the back of my mind I am thinking about all the vehicle fumes, dust and other delicious additions that help in the marinating process, but that is probably just me.

I got pictures from Gender's camera this past week. It is always interesting to see what pictures they take...seeing the piñata for Kid's day, pictures from the Pastor's meeting in La Ceiba, odds and ends...all different and intriguing. This is just one picture that really sums up what the work is about. All five of these brothers and sisters were baptized that day in the river...with some other pictures showing all the others that were there, the guitar playing, singing sounds like a party because it was a party with quite a celebration!

I asked the driver of this truck if I could snap a picture. I seem to catch these things for some reason. It is a LP or Natural gas company and I will spare you the story but their name is translated "Gives Gas" and their slogan is "the gas that gives you more." I know it is immature and childish to chuckle at that...but I just marvel that someone thought that was a good idea for a name for a company and for a slogan. Side note...I like that the phone number to call for customer service is conveniently missing its last two numbers. Nice touch.

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