Monday, December 14, 2009

Remember to breathe

Valerie went up very early on Saturday for the guys to continue the work on the windows, and then went back in the afternoon to clean up after was dusty work cutting through the wall. Very dusty, because Valerie went in with a few volunteers early again this morning to sweep, dust, etc. the entire building...quite the task. Filling the holes back in with concrete is kind of dirty work, thus the make-shift skirts to protect the walls and floors. Most of the work should be done this week (there are quite a few windows...something like 15?)...except the painting back to lovely blue. That will come...sometime later....think Pa Kettle style.

Today was action packed...almost too action packed at times. After taking the kids to school, and the grocery store escapade (more on that later), I had a good and bad chat with Celeo while helping with the clothing ministry, as he and Oscar were at somewhat heated odds as we talked about changes for 2010 as we had planned many months ago, the bottom line being that we need to find a way for him to provide for himself rather than continuing to get a salary from us...without just up and dropping him for him to fend for himself while he continues to pastor in Talanga. The clothing ministry there is providing tons in terms of evangelistic outreach, but so far he is barely covering his expenses on the financial end, so that right now is not providing hardly any income. him $10,000 I do not exactly have laying around to buy a truck for making sand/gravel deliveries or for a block making enterprise? Hope he can make it raising chickens (not likely to provide enough)? Hmmmmm not fun stuff, especially because somehow I am expected to have the answers. Then some more time to fit in some more truck side meetings about CHE continuing education, talked to Dora and gave her more work sorting our "bad" clothes from the "good"...another ugh, there is more bad than good, and stopped briefly at the clinic to have a couple more meetings about finances and equipment needs, and then another brief stop at Dora's house to see how the wall construction is going, which can be seen here. It is going well...just spending a few minutes with her kids there....quite impressive they can do what they do, and good to see how this wall will help. Then I went to the airport to get boxes from our pilot today's batch plus a batch from last problems, but it did take about two hours total and is quite the exciting little adventure. After all that...a good run late this afternoon was quite refreshing for a release of some kind while getting some spiritual encouragement and edification.

I had time to pause while in line at the grocery this morning (milk project...then again for coffee...then again to pay for more minutes on our cell phones) to finally look around a little and see this minty Tic Tacs. Yerba buena translates as "mint" but I just found it humorously odd the literal translation "good grass" for the obvious reasons.

Soren sleeping here is like watching a floating cloud...a painful floating cloud. I saw a body that seemed to almost make a complete 360 degree turn. Valerie saw him splayed out as if he were running. Regardless, he seemed to have a good nap.

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