Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby on board

It has been a while since I have been at the blogging controls. I suppose there are a variety of reasons for that. Apathy, distraction, and/or lack of things that seemed blog worthy, especially in the last few days reading and seeing what has been happening in Haiti, especially with brothers and sisters there that we know. Trying to put into words all that goes through my mind with the news...and the news from at least a couple famous...or infamous...people showing their distasteful feelings on the matter, is difficult and I do not plan on trying at this point. Pray, give, and cry seems to be about as much as I can put into physical words. This is the cover of the local newspaper image you are not likely to see in the US media. The headline roughly means "loss of life!"

Lourdes had her baby this week. Valerie took her lunch hour yesterday to get her and the family and take them home from the public hospital where they were. So far all is well for baby and mom (C-section delivery) which is very good after the tragedy of what happened with her first baby.

Valerie took this pictures with our camera before her purse somehow inflicted nearly mortal damage to it. It turns on...kind of, but will not take pictures. So now I need to start looking for another digital camera...if you have any glowing recommendations for good quality and a camera that is not too slow, hit me up.

We are still trying to sell the Defender. If you know anyone in Honduras that is in the market for an awesome SUV, let us know. I wish we did not have to sell it...but life demands it, and really demanded it some time ago, but with the political situation relatively resolved, it is time to push to sell it again now.

The weather here this week has been awesome. Very cool and overcast. I know that is what people are wanting to get past in the US, but it is so unusual here it is a very nice change. Running at noon has never felt so enjoyable!

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Laurie said...

Good picture of a lovely family! You need to report on the happenings at the old clinic. Two rats and lots of cockroaches met an early demise this week, much to the horror of Nery and Dora. I was ecstatic and I hope the rest of the evil hordes die this weekend. Ciao!