Sunday, January 17, 2010 time

Our second year of producing Hill Climber coffee is rapidly approaching. Gender and the Church have already started the harvest. We should have plenty available this year for anyone that wants it. Next year we might actually have to just sell to the market here in Honduras because to this point we will not have enough demand for that much coffee...which is great news in a strange way.

Now comes decisions on how we stay the same or change.

See the poll on whether or not we should change our ground style. As far as I know it is all good...but it seems good to ask as well.

I am also planning on changing our ground/whole bean percentage, since this year probably 75% preferred ground (we did 50/50) over the year and that has left us with about 80 pounds of whole bean only (which...if you want to order in the US we have plenty there available for shipping.) You can opine via a comment if you want to weigh in on this, but I think this would be better serving what people want.

We are also open to changing our label this year. I might try to come up with something different...unless one of you creative types wants to come up with something. Otherwise if I run out of time and ideas we will continue with a similar logo from last year.

One thing I know we are planning on changing is the one that can be more readily folded over for re-use versus having to transfer the contents to a ziplock bag.

Another question you can answer...if we were able to classify the coffee into regular quality and premium quality...would you be willing to pay more for such coffee snobbery? I am not even sure if we can or would do that, but it seemed like an appropriate question for such a post.


Anonymous said...

i don't drink coffee but my sister loves hillclimber and pays more for it vs. the grocery store bought brand(indio i believe).
She had me pick up more at the mission convention. Not sure she would pay more but i know she really likes it.
I hope all is well with Valerie , Dora and Julia, the children and you boys( Oscar and Trevor)

Laurie said...

I don't think the coffee has that "magic taste" yet. I think it's a matter of roasting. I guess in New Orleans we are different. The city has many roasters and coffee is imported from our docks. We like richer coffee. In short, I would pay more for a premium blend.