Monday, January 18, 2010

Slowly moving quickly

Things go so fast, it is hard to keep up.

Oscar and I set some goals for him, which impacts the entire mission in one way or another, for January and beyond. Some can be done this week, some might take a month or so. Definitely plenty to keep him, me, and others we affect in our whirlpool of activities busy.

Start off by assesing our clothing supply for the next five or six weeks to make sure we can make it until the next container arrives.

Moving chairs from what we got from FAME to the clinic to take somewhat smaller chairs to the milk project so fewer kids have to sit on the ground (still many are going to be planting their keisters on concrete) and finding homes for some exam tables, filing cabinets (I need another here in the office...another year, another year of stuff to keep) etc. that are currently being stored there.

We have a few desks...and three of those need to go into the clinic. Levi needs one in the cashier area, our new couseling department needs one (currently that volunteer driven ministry will meet in Valerie's second exam room.) and since we are still not able to get the equipment for our lab...although we still hold out hope and plan to that end...that room will be used as a nebulizing room. Yes, we do enough of that to demand its own room...especially as it would free up space and ambient noise from the pre-clinic room.

Although we are trying to squash any "extra" work on the property due to tightening our belts a bit this year, there are several things that need to be fixed or done in the coming weeks...fixing a hole in the fence (how did someone break that hole? With a car?) finding a dead mouse in the milk project oven, fixing lighting in the mission house, somehow finding someone to fix the refrigerator in the clinic and a couple hand sinks, and do a little more finessing of the garage doors for smoother operation. Speaking of which...the Church's gate is in bad shape. As the bus left for El Salvador the driver asked some youth to get out to make sure they were clear. They mistakenly thought he meant below...not hitting the driveline on the rocks. He instead was referring to the luggage strapped to the top of the bus. They shouted "hit it" and he did....the accelerator and then the top of the support structure, which is now ruined. I am not sure how they are going to be able to afford to fix that since they shared with me that the Church's two employees (Jorge pastor, Jorge evangelist) are not making minimum wage, they had to take a pay cut, and that Manuel the other pastor is not making anything due to some financial pains. Thank God for the clothing ministry that not only generates employment, advancement of the evangelism, and clothing, but also a little support to kick back in to help in that area.

All that plus another CHE seminar day coming up this weekend. I will not be teaching, but I need to help them get the materials they need ready for it. We are hoping that even with Jonathan gone to Costa Rica (to celebrate the anniversary of a Church he helped with when he was studying there with Puente Ministries) there will be good attendance from the two Churches he pastors.

We are almost ready even to finish with the computer equipment we still have...we have a brother helping to get all the programming done to get 14-16 complete computers for another mission we know up North that runs a school and could actually use even more if we had them.

All that added up to a busy morning. A few years ago I would have stressed over the fact that I had to do all that. Delegation really is a gift sometimes. Otherwise I would be more loco en my coco than I already am.

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