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Directions to the clinic

If you are not in Honduras and planning to go to the clinic, feel free to ignore this. If you are....I am posting this here for future reference, because we get visitors frequently, and if you do not know the area, directions, with some visiual aids can be very helpful. I will include this in Spanish and English for obvious reasons.

La manera mas fácil de ver la clínica es por medio de Google Earth. Si tiene esta programa, aquí tiene los datos: 14° 4'47.75"N 87°14'53.47"W

Pero para llegar....Mientras que pase por El Durazno entrando la ciudad, va a pasar bajando mucho para entrar a la ciudad, eventualmente pasando un gasolinera Uno en su mano izquierda, y luego después, como unos 200 metros apenas, hay una calle de tierra que sube la colina en la mano derecha. Eso es el anillo periférico. Hay que subir una cuestacita allí y luego la calle se convierte en pavimentado. Sigue hasta que baja una cuesta grande, y de un solo sube una cuesta (siempre está en el anillo)...cuando ya sube y mire que está bajando pero poquito, casi a a ver una subida pavimentado de cemento para arriba en la mano derecha....sube. Sigue subiendo (cuidado por esta zona por subir, la gente que vive por allí usa el anillo en esta zona como doble vía) y pronto llega a la cumbre, y hay que doblar a la izquierda...casi en forma inmediatamente hay que doblar a la derecha para entrar la colonia Arturo Quezada y Ciudad Lempira. Sigue bajando y entrando las Colonias recto hasta llegar a un área de tierra de nuevo (y la parada de buses para la ruta del fuente ministerio) y va a tener que desviar un poco a la derecha, casi recta, y luego seguir la calle...pasando la primera oportunidad de doblar a la derecha, y tomando la segunda....sigue recto una cuadra, y la clínica-casa misión para grupos está en la mano derecha, bien grande y azul, con rotulo que se puede ver desde la calle que dice "CLÍNICA MEDICA" estamos asociados con la Iglesia Cristiana Cuerpo de Cristo.

Aquí abajo en las instrucciones de ingles voy a incluir fotos.

There are two different ways to get to the clinic. The easiest way to go is from the airport getting on the anillo (going towards your right getting on the anillo heading towards the colonias of Las Hadas, El Sauce, and Las Uvas) which will take you towards El Batallon and past the reservoir Los Laureles. (Total trip time from the airport should be about 20 minutes.)

The easiest way to see where the clinic is located is via Google Earth. If you have that program, I have the exact coordinates for you to see:
14° 4'47.75"N 87°14'53.47"W which can further clarify things if your brain works that way.

....keep going past the reservoir, up the hill, and take the third opportunity to make a turn, in this case a U-turn in the road where there is a giant fifty foot tall support structure that looks like a T (for a future overpass)...

then immediately turn right going up the ramp (careful, people use this as a two way street going both up like it eventually will be, and down...which is contrary to what you would normally think. Best advice is take it slow and be careful.)...after you go up this ramp and start up the hill, take that until it jogs to the left...take the first right, which is like 20 feet after you jog/turn to the left, all of this on concrete/pavement, down into Arturo Quezada Ciudad Lempira. and follow the road to the bus stop,(this is the main road for Arturo Quezada/Ciudad Lempira),

Here is the bus stop, at which point go back up the hill slightly to the right through the bus stop and fruit/vegetable stands (dirt road now) and you will start to enjoy the rugged nature of the road and how it is maintained. Keep in mind that generally speaking vehicles going up the hill have the right of way, but it will be hard for you to see if people are coming down and hard for them to see if you are coming up, not that big of a problem, but you do need to be aware of this if the vehicle you encounter is one of these bueses or a water truck. It sounds worse than it is...accidents are extremely rare especially as people are not exactly barreling up or down the hill.

(This is where you get ready to make the right hand turn mentioned below)

Go up two blocks, and turn right to see the old clinic building which is blue and two stories tall, and has a big pre-fab cement fence around it, also blue. The clinic is the new building to your left and up a slight grade as you enter the compound, (as of this writing the building is plain concrete gray, hopefully to be painted at some point.)

All these pictures where taken as driving to try to give you a better feel for what to expect. As always you can contact the clinic if you need help at 260-4158, and depending on when you are coming can also contact Valerie at 3254-2628 during normal clinic hours (which are 8-12 and 1-4 Monday through Friday.)

The alternate directions are if you are coming from North of the city and do not want to go all the way to the airport to back track to the clinic:

As you pass El Durazno (the police checkpoint to come into Teguc) you come down, down, down, and eventually pass a Gasolinera Uno on your left hand side, and then soon after (200 meters?) that a Semi dealership also on the left. On the right will be the housing development that has not developed much yet called Ciudad del Angel. If you look to the right side of the road just after these things, you see a somewhat wide dirt road going up the mountain angling to your left up a hill. This is the anillo periférico where when completed will meet up the road you are driving. There are no signs, but it is a fairly wide dirt road, and there is usually at least a little bit of traffic going up or coming down. As soon as you start up that hill, maybe 300 meters or less, it turns into a paved road (not that there is another dirt road you could mistake it for, but just for reassurance. If you see what appears to be a poorly maintained, rocky, dirt road past the Uno gas station, you have got the right one.)

Take this road past the first neighborhood you see, then it will be dirt again for a few hundred meters, then back to pavement...continue past the second neighborhood (with cars crossing the anillo from both sides of the neighborhood) and continue on....which will take you down a long sloping hill, and then back up another. As you come up the hill, you will see a huge support column for a future overpass in the median of the road (see the picture above.) Right after that (100 meters?) you will see an off ramp that takes you up another hill...which is where the pictures and directions from above are the same.

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