Sunday, February 21, 2010

Go where people least expect

This flower, bush, tree, whatever pretty growing thing it is, I found on our property while I let in our mechanic (oil change and basic checkup on the Land Cruiser came due...without boring you with technical detail, all that plus a full washing of the chasis/engine/car plus labor and some minor details for $200 parts oil etc. included)

I presume it was allowed to grow that way in some fashion by the gardener, or that a long branch was taken and deliberately thrown into the tree above...but I can not be 100% on that. Regardless, the image it gives now is one that somewhat defies belief. How could that thing grow in such a gravity defying fashion? Now that it is supported by the branches of the tree above, who knows what it will look like in a year or two.

I thought of my life when looking at that beautiful oddity: How in the world could I be where I am? Doing what I am doing? It may look like the plant got there by itself, but there are undoubtedly other forces at work, much larger and more powerful than just a simple plant.

And so it goes. This week I prepared for a board meeting which went very well, as well as normal accounting and email/computer work, as well as helping organize a couple of our containers and clean out/organize and dispense items from the man cave to prepare it for its next phase of being more like a half storage bodega and half mission house extension. A divissonal wall will go up next week, and that will allow us to better place the bunk beds and drawers, etc. to better accomodate groups. We will get an exhaust fan in place probably in April, and work on better sealing it from the outside dust as well. (the picture is after much work, more items have been carefully placed with our pastors, some of the clinic staff, a few items to the milk project, and Dora got some much needed furniture for her house as well.) The changes that will mean for groups, and for just keeping divisions and better handling our storage areas will be big.
Tomorrow our first of two back to back groups arrives. Eye work the first, medical the second. I will try to update the blog with some stories and pictures as time it is I am finally getting this in tonight (almost tomorrow morning) after working today getting the latest clothing container unloaded...which was remarkably almost without incident, I can not remember the last time that happened, and am very grateful to God for that, and trying to get other odds and ends tied up and ready to go, which always seem to come together just in the right way.
I know why my life is where it is...Ephesians 2:8-10

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