Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eye am tired

Eye brigades this week have gone extremely well, both for the Hondurans being seen...some amazing stories there, plus for the group...some more amazing stories in their lives as well!

I stayed the night Monday (how often do I get to actually play Rook?) and am very behind on everything...including posting here more and pictures, etc.

Pray things will go well today on our last brigade day...not sure what to expect, a few patients or being overwhelmed (the mayor's office supposedly went through town yesterday with megaphones telling everyone we are coming.)

Valerie continues to be a shining light of the Holy Spirit moving in her...she does more than she can, better, stronger, and is awesome to see Him through her and see us all give God the glory for her life and what she brings to this country and to the group in her gifts, abilities, and availability to be used for Him!

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Laurie said...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... kids are eating, and we had great fun today playing games while learning the books of the Bible in order. At least I had fun. I think they did, too.