Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Several people did want extra holes in their heads

Group here=life a little more crazy. That equation is normal. This week has been a little different (as they all are) with some unique challenges and opportunities, including being able to actually see the kids twice before they went to bed. Of course that meant pushing many things to the back burner, which is very hard for me, but was necessary. Finding a hard. Thus me writing this at 1 in the morning...imbalance in this case means much less sleep trying to catch up.

Here is one picture of the dental work done today in Sampedrana. Yet another reminder of the overall health education system here, and the lack of physical needs children and adults need to be able to keep their teeth...their growth, and so much more. These teeth are just one of many pictures. Watching someone's teeth that otherwise could have been healthy pried out of their head because of the pain and painful, and reminds me of our spiritual state in many ways...which if I had more time seems to me would make the origins of a good sermon. Hmmm.

Gender and Lourdes' son loves his new pet, this cat which was given the name Tigre (Tiger) while we were there. Adrian does not speak much yet, but he knows the word for cat, and tiger was coming along nicely. Cats do not eat teeth fallen on the ground, just in case you were wondering. Why would you wonder that?

The soccer field is almost done. The last portion we finished was the chain link fencing (also plugging up the hole left from the earthquake damage) and now is really just: 1. doors 2. metal goals 3. some safer concrete steps to get up to it 4. at least a small bank of bleachers The plants sewn on the down slope side for erosion prevention are coming along nicely.

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