Monday, February 1, 2010

State of emergency?

The trip to the US for the CIY roundtable discussion went well, as much for me as I was told for them, which is good. Mostly the conversations centered around short term trips, how to really reach youth to be Kingdom workers, and the international conferences.
The real adrenaline rush came as we (another missionary was with me) tried to make it back to Tulsa to fly out Saturday morning. A little snow to us was a state of emergency for Oklahoma. Very few cars on the road and we did slightly go off road for a few seconds, but otherwise it was just a white knuckled four hour ride that should have taken one and a half.
They cancelled flights all over the place, and finally I made it back to TGU on Sunday after spending Saturday night in Houston.
There is more hilarity to the story, such as the many Jeeps, F-150s and other 4x4 vehicles we passed, the directions that got us lost for an hour, and sleeping on the floor, it all added to the fun at that point, because we were safe and sound and that was what mattered most.

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