Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grad bag

It is late, but I am behind, and given that we leave for Peru tomorrow (fulfilling Valerie's lifelong dream of seeing Machu Pichu...our first vacation in over ten years) where we have no clue where we will be staying and what internet access will be like, I figured I better get this posted now.

Soren's graduation from ABC to 1st grade was this past Saturday. I am still somewhat annoyed with this concept of graduation (anyone seen the Incredibles?)...but at least we will not have to deal with it again now for several years. He seemed to handle the festivities just fine. Our school thankfully kept the whole affair relatively reasonable...but some private schools here make this quite the shindig...and quite expensive. Some public ones as well! I wonder how many families afford it...and many really can not.

Especially since we went to see Toy Story 3 after it was over. I was astonished to see that it was being offered not only dubbed, as most all children's films are...but also subtitled. And then when we got there this was a movie they offered in 3D! For $20 all four of us got in to see it...the first 3D movie I can recall ever seeing. And if there was any doubt that many people wanted to see it in English...the theater was at or very near 100% full during our screening. I do not want to spoil it for do not keep reading here if you have not seen it...but the scenes where Buzz was Spanish Buzz...given our location, the whole theater just roared with laughter. I wonder how funny people thought it was in the US? For us it was our favorite part, plus the Spanish version of You've Got a Friend In Me rocks.

ICCC had its 18th anniversary services this past weekend. As is the norm here was a standing room only affair. That new Church building is urgently needed. Interestingly...the decorations brought at least one comment as the colors used for the baloons/streamers are Spain's colors. Spain...hello? World Cup? Not sure what the thinking was there...likely those decorating never even thought about it. We played Spain shortly thereafter...and lost. Our World Cup dreams are basically over...with no goals to show for it yet either. One more game to go, but to win for pride more than as an opportunity to advance.

I think little of the weather or seasons in the US...but seeing this picture of our Impala not only brought back to my mind the incredible fantasy idea I have of converting that to an awesome mission vehicle for here in Honduras (the idea is complete...all that is left is some TV show or insane budget to make it happen), but also to think about the summer weather in the US...which is generally not that much different than here...although I hear Indiana at least has been dealing with flooding, high humidity and temperatures. Ah...yet another reason to praise God for the generally great weather here in Teguc! I also am thankful for my family, especially my brother and my Dad for keeping her in running form in our abscence. I better stop here before I write another couple paragraphs about that awesome car. Maybe I should start another blog just about the different vehicles available here in Honduras versus the US and unique vehicles like the Impala to be seen even there. What do you think...any interest for such a blog?

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