Saturday, June 12, 2010

Atoyot, listening to the future, and the self loather

Stickers and customizing of cars here is commonplace....but not always done to perfection. Or at least not what I would define as perfection...more like "good enough for government work" standards. Actually...the stencil they use for painting government vehicles is usually a higher standard, so never mind. Let us take a look at a few I snapped over the past week, shall we?

Stencil backwards? Not would think someone would have noticed regardless.

I would rather buy a DROF

No stencil to worry about here. I like that the Make of the truck is on the mudflaps. Perhaps this is another case of the stereo being worth more than the car? One never knows.

There are never a shortage of stickers as well. The one to the right of the license plate is a very common recent Catholic sticker. Of course, to the right of the license plate is a sticker in English "I HATE STICKERS" so....go figure. I still think of the Geo Metro posted here a few years back that as part of its racing car inspired stickers included AARP.

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