Friday, June 11, 2010

Window to my pain today

So I had a birthday yesterday. Here I am in my birthday present...a Motagua shirt that will double as a running shirt since it is a wicking material like dri-fit. I am standing in a bowling alley here in Teguc. I regularly bowl over 200, my high being a 257...but that being on the Wii. It has been since Cecilia was one month old that I had been bowling 'for real.' It was slightly warm...there were only two of us, and my last game I was playing by myself (Valerie already having given up due to hand fatigue)...all of which added up to quite a sweaty workout. Knowing I was on the clock(we paid for one hour)...and that I had selected two balls, I went back to back to back...for about 15-20 frames it seemed like. It was still fun...but I realized I prefer the Wii...way less expensive, no weird shoes...and it is much easier. My high score last night was a 104 I believe. But it was fun to watch the people at the next lane who had obviously never bowled before...some very, very interesting bowling throw forms there.

Contrast that with the finding this morning that another break-in was attempted at the new clinic. Our night watchman was incredulous when we told him what happened. He even came back on his own dime to see the damage for himself...he could not believe it. I will not divulge our entire security procedure here...but needless to say it will be revised to address this situation. Apparently just having him there was not enough to dissuade whomever attempted to enter this time...nor was the fact that there is a group staying in the mission house.

Again...this is most damaging to our spirits, not nearly as much to the building, which can be repaired. God lifts us up to continue...but it does wear on you, and is in the back of your mind as to the general safety.

The world cup has begun. I tried to buy some Honduran jerseys that went on 1/2 priced sale today...the crowd was overwhelming. Most places were sold out very early in the morning. We went back to get some salad after Soren got out of school...and there was a crowd in the grocery store just to catch the games. There was a crowd even at Soren's school to watch the games there. Basically everywhere you go...if there are games being played, they are being shown one way or another.

It will be quite the scene when Honduras actually plays (first game June 16th at 5:30AM local time....and you better believe everyone will be up to see it.)

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Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday! it's funny because before we came to visit Costa Rica my husband made me buy our World Cup shirts. He warned me they would be gone or the price would soar! My husband already has his alarm set so he can get up for the game! GO HONDURAS!!!!!!